Tuesday, February 3, 2015

OOTW: Silver Flakes + Fur

Happy February!
3 days in and already it feels like March, thanks to the extended Lunar New Year that begins on a Wednesday. Can we get a hey-yo for national holidays that start on a Wednesday and forces the rest of the week to be holidays as well? Hey-YO.

On to the outfit: technically this would be considered a transitional late-autumn/early winter outfit, but I figured that literally describing what the sweater was made of would put visions of snowflakes and luxe fur in your head. Apologies for those thinking this was a post of me wearing a luxe fur stole sprawled in the middle of a freezing snowed-in landscape, but nope, it's just a silvery flakey furry sweater. 
And the camel coat has been a staple in my winter wardrobe since I could distinguish the difference between the color and the animal. Its neutral versatility and preppy aesthetic just pulls an outfit together.

I kept it on for a bit, but the sun vetoed that decision, so the camel coat became a prop at this point.

I got this sweater on a whim at one of Seoul's beloved late-night mall institutions (Doota, but can't recall the shop, that place is like a maze) and I loved it so much that I braved another night shopping excursion to meander through for an hour to find this shop again to buy a darker version. 

Here's the silver version paired with light blue skinny jeans that flatter my ass way more than my ass can take credit for.

I happened to be driving near the Han River and spied these GAWGEOUS tall wheat grass contraptions growing in spades around the borders between the river and the bike lanes, so I had to jump out and take some photos.

This is my kind of weather- sunny, crisp, and not too cold for a sweater and jeans. I threw on the silver heels that I'd purchased forever ago to glam up the outfit. 

I thought the Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Neverfull bag provided a neutral palette and let the silver flakes on the sweater and the silver sparkles on the heels stand out.
The shoes. Let me just tell you about these shoes. These shoes are glam. These shoes are glittery. These shoes are high.

These shoes are torturous devices that if worn consecutively for more than 10 minutes, you will firmly believe that heels are the devil's contraptions. They are utterly uncomfortable but so beautiful that I just can't give or throw away. I admit it- I only keep them around for purely aesthetic purposes. Plus, they weren't cheap.

This bench saved my toes.

Signature hair toss yassss.
After cheesing and procrastinating (that bench just felt so good, ya'll!), I guess it's time to help you find my outfit pieces online. 
Purse: LV Neverfull Damier Azur
Heels: You'll Never Find These. Even I Can't Find These Again. But similar here and here
Bracelet: EunHeeLee Jewelry (derp, turn your sound down before clicking link)
Look at these brushes!
You can see the silver flakes on the sweater a little better here- dry cleaning is, annoyingly, key, because otherwise you're going to get a white fuzzy sweater out of the laundry machine.
Hair: Lazy Girl's Guide To Mermaid Waves (I mean, if you really want, I'll do a tutorial on this, but it really will be just me taking a shower, braiding my wet hair, and sleeping on it). The thicker the hair, the longer it will take to set, but the longer the curls will stay (1-3 days).
Winter time means skin care time. I am not a huge proponent of sunscreen+primer+base+BB cream+ foundation+blush+powder = that makes my face start cracking by 11AM. I focus more on perfection of the skin from within the pores, so my winter skincare becomes a lot more aggressive and intensive.
Rodial Stemcell Superfood Facial Oil: I tried a sample of this and just immediately addicted. I always need at least 2 bottles backup just in case. I slather this on day and night and I barely get any breakouts, and my skin stays hydrated through those cold, dry winter Seoul days.
Peter Thomas Roth Ultra-Life Oil-Free Sunscreen SPF 30: After the Rodial oil has sunken in, I use a daily pea-sized amount of sunscreen all over my face and neck. I love that it's oil-free, but I'm running out of this and can't find it anywhere (my original top was green). I'm panicking a bit because I need an oil-free daily face sunscreen for my routine- any recommendations?
Dior DiorSnow White Reveal Illuminating Eye Treatment: I've applied this assiduously for three consecutive purchases, and to be perfectly honest, I'm better off getting rid of my panda undereye with cosmetic surgery than spending the money on this product. I see NO DIFFERENCE in my dark circles and I know that it's partially genetic, but after three of these and no difference, it's time to move on to something else.
Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream: To be honest, I don't find that this eye cream does anything drastic except impart some moisture to my undereyes. There is no tingle or tightening feeling that you would expect from a product with the name "Bee Venom".
Bobbi Brown Extra Soothing Balm: My go-to. It hasn't failed me in giving me soft, plush lips. I just gripe about how heavy the jar is (which gives it a luxurious feel, sure, but for travel, it's a big no), but now I know that there is a tin version for lightweight travel, I'll be using that one non-stop as well.

It was a perfectly beautiful walk, silent with the exception of a few elderly joggers huffing by. During midday, weekday Seoul, you almost forget you're living in a city of 12 million breathing, rushing, working souls.

Oh hai, just kidding, I want to take you under the bridge really quickly.
No lolly-gagging, come on now.
Ta-daaaaa! Bridge!
It's a geometric dream.

Apologies, this was supposed to be posted on Monday but oh my God I had to go through and pick out the least amount of photos from the roughly 500 we took that day. That alone gave me a headache, so you're getting this post today. Happy Tuesday!

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