Friday, January 23, 2015

Lifestyle: Happy Holidays 2014!

Goodness gracious this post is literally a month late.
Just a heads up: it's about Christmas. Yeah, that one from last year. Ughhh so behind but these photos are just too cute to leave out from my blog. And this is my blog, dammit. I want it in my online scrapbook to reminisce when I'm 80 years old with Alzheimer's, barring a Zombie Apocalypse wiping out the Internet. 

Since Seoul doesn't have too strong of Christmas traditions beyond purchasing the couple cake from Baskin Robbins, the holidays are generally spent by the expats on either the 24th (the Europeans) or the 25th (the rest of the Western Hemisphere). As my parents had a huge Christmas lunch planned for the 25th, we thought a lovely (and boozy) Christmas dinner house party with our friends and loved ones the evening of the 25th would hit the spot.

CHRISTMAS PART 1: Parental Christmas lunch on the 25th.
Perseus wearing seasonal attire. Naturally.
 My dad went all out and made the turkey, stuffed it through the butt with delicious stuffing, cooked a giant ham with pineapples as well as all the works: green beans, cranberry sauce, corn, yams, homemade gravy, and desserts.
 The ham was bigger than my face!
 And cornbread (that almost broke my teeth) and store-purchased pecan pie.
 Excellent effort all around <3 We stuffed ourselves to the gills for lunch, never minding the inevitable turkey and sides that we would face in mere hours for the dinner party.

~ * ~ * ~

CHRISTMAS PART 2: Boozy Christmas dinner on the 25th with friends.
PRESENTS for the White Elephant Gifting Game.
 The boys relaxing and drinking beers while the girls slaaaaave away in the kitchen...
 ...or rather just drinking spiked egg nog and taking photos ^_~
 The host and hostess of the party <3
 The spread. Everyone brought a lil something.
 So when it came time to carve the turkey, apparently no one had done it before. I'd seen my dad do it many times, and there is an art to carving and separating the dark meat from the white meat, people! It is a SKILL that must be carefully cultivated over time! Or in our case, Googled.
 The honor of the turkey autopsy fell upon me, and with the indispensable assistance of Giulia and Google, I hacked on in.
I needed a step-by-step instructive manual with photos.
 All's well that ends well! Everyone got their slices of white or dark meat and nommed away.
 One more with the gracious hostess, my Bacon ^_~

In short, we ate turkey, stuffing, and sides enough to last until next holidays 2015. God bless all those turkeys who give up their delicious bodies for me to consume myself into a food coma.

Happy Friday lovers! <3

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