Monday, November 10, 2014

OOTD: Black on Black on Black

You know what they say about the best laid plans.
My last blogpost waxed poetic about how it was a blessing being stuck in a hospital for the week, which would allow me to fulfill my grandiose expectations of being able to write and finish scheduled blog content for the rest of 2014 and also get cracking on some long overdue creative writing. Alas, I neglected to take into consideration that mandatory extended hospital stays generally consist of needles in your blood veins sucking the life force out of you while you slowly lose your sanity from the dehumanizing conditions of zero privacy and constant noise and lights from the rest of the hospital wards. I am glad to report a slow but steady recovery, and belatedly bring you an OOTD (or what's actually more of an OOTW).   

I took these photos right before my hospitalization when it was still warm enough to wear a skirt outdoors without tights or a coverup. Now, a big fluffy safety blanket coat would be a necessity for this outfit.  
Foliage was still pretty spectacular. 
Cropped long-sleeved top: H&M (similar from Nelly here
Skirt with zipper detail: H&M (similar from River Island here)
Chelsea ankle boots: H&M (similar from Shopbop here
Bag: Prada Saffiano 1801 in Fragola 

 Eyes: Nars NARSissist Smokey Eye Kit (Madrague in inner corners, Bali on upper lid)

These Chelsea boots are so comfortable, I need more more more. I am currently obsessing over suede over-the-knee boots, and although I have a few OTK in leather, I've been stalking Shopbop obsessively until the Stuart Weitzman 5050 Suede in Anthracite is restocked in my size.
 Pondering when they'll restock.
Maybe I'll get it in beige instead. 
 Skipped blush and bronzer, so looking a little pale. This is the Korean ideal, by the way. Clear, clean, very little makeup (or the illusion of), and pale. The more ghostlike and translucent, the better. 
I think a haircut is in order- I'm thinking of chopping off a good 3 inches. I can probably weave a carpet with all the hair I shed hourly.
 I usually take my dog for a walk while taking my OOTD photos so that's why Perseus is featured so heavily in all of them. I'll try to coordinate his outfit with mine next time. He's wearing an Adidas pullover with a mini backpack that holds his snacks and such. 

Hopefully I can be more consistent in my blogpost output! I plan on doing some cooking and baking this week and next week (gasp!) to plan some posts for the Thanksgiving season. Stay tuned!

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