Friday, November 14, 2014

Lifestyle: A Day in My Security Blanket

Seoul's weather has decided to rebel.
It's become incredibly windy and cold here, hitting below 0°C at night. The gusts of wind are terrifically powerful, the kind that blow your umbrella inside out. I decided that the only way to survive is to invest in a security blanket coat, the kind that just slips comfortably on and wraps lovingly around you. It may look unstructured and slouchy, but damn is it snuggly. I may live in it all autumn/winter.
Went for lunch at Coreanos, a Tex-Mex-Korean fusion place that started as a food truck in the US and moved to Seoul, specifically to Itaewon and Rodeo in Apgujong. They're dog-friendly, so brought the pup along and sat on the terrace. 
 Chips and salsa to nibble on before the appetizers and main. Coreanos has the most delicious signature homemade sauces. My favorite is the top left, the green garlicky mayonnaise that is TO DIE FOR.
 I always order sautéed beef from the kitchen for Perseus. I have to cut it up into smaller pieces because he will inhale everything in five seconds otherwise. Look at his eyes shining in the background.
Dressed in his panda bear outfit.<3
 Shared a plate of Three Wise Fries except had them on nacho chips instead. An ooey gooey delicious mess of pork, chicken, and beef on top of perfectly fried nacho chips, drizzled with sauces, onions, and cilantro. 
Perfect for sharing! I struggle to finish this myself.  
 For dessert, we shared a warm peanut butter cookie pizza with chocolate ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce. 
 You can see how excited I got. 
 Afterwards, picked up a toffee nut latte from Starbucks and walked around the park with the dog to work off the nachos. 
 Bamboo for the panda bear dog (who is nowhere to be seen).

Robe coats are big this season, so if you fancy being super comfortable and warm, get yourself a security blanket coat pronto. My camel one is from Zara, but here are some gorgeous other options here (it's fluffy!) and here (it's classic!). 

Happy Friday! Keep your tushies warm!

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