Friday, October 31, 2014

Travels: Ko Samui Part Three

Happy Halloween! This final installment of my Ko Samui experiences should fulfill all costume expectations that come with a Halloween Day scheduled blogpost because it features drag queens and beach theme parties. 
You can read about my Ko Samui adventures Part One here and Part Two here.

At my favorite spot Ark Bar. This beach is definitely the place you want to go if you want to be right smack in the center of the fun. Fire shows, beach dance parties, shisha on private lounges, etc. 

Shahar and his group recognized us from when we were at the Nikki Beach party the day before, so we decided to converge travel plans... 

 ... but first, when in Thailand!

This performer nailed Nicki Minaj.

The next day, we headed to Nikki Beach again for their Candyland-themed beach party.

We parked ourselves on the perfect lounge area right in front of the pool, which cost 5,000 baht ($155 USD) in whatever we wanted to order, so we got to ordering.

After the party at Nikki Beach wound down, Shahar and his group took us to this most amazing restaurant high up on the hills. I forgot the name of it but it was absolutely stunning to watch the sun set from this view.

The next day, right before my flight left, I went for my favorite Thai lunch and massage so I would be relaxed for my flight home. 

Thailand is definitely one of my favorite places to go in Southeast Asia. Every time I go, I experience a different facet of it that makes me fall in love with it even more. No wonder I've booked a trip to go back before the year ends.

Happy Halloween! I'll have photos of what I dress up as on my Instagram, but between my own accident and my dog getting bitten by an aggressive Corgie and having to be bandaged up,  I've had no time to properly imagine and source a unique Halloween costume of my own; a pity, since this is usually something I relish doing every year. I'll come up with something though, I'm sure ^_~ 

~Have a spooktacular Halloween!~

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