Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Travels: Ko Samui Part One

It's Flashback... Wednesday? Wayback Wednesday?
I thought I'd post these photos from my trip to Thailand back in September before you've forgotten what it feels like to have the sun drench your skin (unless you're in Australia or anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere, you lucky ducks!). It's only been 2 months but my how quickly the weather has changed. 

One of my best friends from Singapore met me in Koh Samui, and I was operating still on Ibiza time so my body was all sorts of confused with jet lag. But why write of such trivial matters when so many delightful photos await?

In the interest of keeping this potentially massive, photo-heavy post boring the eyeballs off you, I'm going to try to separate the Thailand posts into three emphasizing the essentials of my trip: 1) our lodgings, and 2 + 3) the two beach parties at Nikki Beach, both on separate occasions.
We stayed at the Pavillion Samui Boutique Resort, which, beyond the gorgeous exteriors and grounds, isn't worth mentioning. Inedible food and ambivalent management made us stay away from the actual resort and we basically used it only to sleep at night and maybe wander to the beach a bit. 
 Housekeeping was lovely- they made towel elephants and threw rose petals in our baths like it was our honeymoon... but it wasn't.

We'd upgraded to a private pool villa but it was a total waste of money because it wasn't heated. Someone didn't think out the architectural elements of the villas too well because what is the point of an unheated private pool that is always in the shade?

The pool was a bit better.

This Tom Kha Gai came out cold and bland. The Voss sparkling water tasted like iron/blood. How do you mess up sparkling water?!

Needless to say, we didn't eat at the resort anymore, no matter how hungover we were. Other cheaper, more delicious options were aplentiful- we were in Thailand, for goodness sakes.

 Went for a mojitos night at the W Ko Samui, which consisted of one DJ and seven Chinese people who were sitting in the beautifully empty recessed tables near the pool. Snapped a few photos of the interior before making a quick getaway to the more happening Chaweng Beach scene.
@alecmonopoly had been commissioned to decorate the interior of the W Ko Samui. Interesting juxtaposition of street and glam.

 On Chaweng Beach, we smoked a strawberry-and-mint-flavored hookah and watched the live saxophonist and drummer play with the electronic music spun by the DJ. I think they're a Ko Samui institution- I saw the saxophonist the next day at Nikki Beach for the daytime pool party.

 Breakfast. Dragonfruit is maybe my third favorite fruit of all time, after cherries and pomegranates.
 I have to say that the grounds of the hotel were impeccable: those yellow flowers were everywhere.
Took a quick dip at our resort before heading out to Nikki Beach for their daytime beach party.
Selfie with my trusty watermelon.

I would highly recommend everyone to get lodging in Chaweng Beach, not Lamai Beach (there's a 25-30 minute difference), because we were in Chaweng every night anyway, and transportation is not always reliable or present.

More adventures in Thailand await on Friday! Happy hump day!

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