Thursday, September 4, 2014

Travels: Ibiza Days 1 + 2

I literally do not understand how bloggers can keep their content up to date whilst on trips. That either means you're sitting in your hotel room blogging instead of being out and exploring, or you are using some sort of blogging sorcery.

I went directly from a week in Ibiza to a few days short of a week in Thailand, so there was no time to update, unfortunately. But the good news: China Southern gave me back my luggage! Although without the external power battery that I used to charge my devices, but I took care of that with another quick purchase at a stopover in Schipol Airport in the Netherlands. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Note to anyone traveling through China: keep all external batteries on you as carry-ons. They will delay your luggage and may never give it back based on their whims. 

Now, where to start? I guess the best way is from the beginning, and then when I get to the end, I'll stop. All other fashion/beauty programming are on partial hiatus until then, although I have some cracking good outfits to show you.

So here the adventure begins: 
 I arrived in Ibiza and after dropping off all the bags at our villa, we immediately commenced to the pool for some shenanigans. 
One of our friends is a chef so........ basically the way to my heart is through fooooooooooooood. These crisp bacon and salty cheddar slices on sesame wheat bread were EVERYTHING.

After a good pre-tan, I went into the town to get some necessities and ended up spending WAY too much on clothes. Air France will be getting that bill very soon (they were responsible for the last leg of my trip, and thus my luggage). However, most of the clothes, including the bikinis, that I was wearing for the next two/three days were graciously lent to me by Ainara and Itzi, thank you girls <3.

The next day, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we went into the town en route to the beach to pick up some picnic items before heading to Cala Bassa. That black floral backpack you see below is literally the only thing I brought with me to Ibiza.
We arrived at Cala Bassa Beach with our picnicking items in tow (by the boys, of course). There were a few other people there.

I took to the waters to take these photos courtesy of the ever patient Ainara. Doesn't everyone want to be a mermaid (or merman)?

Emerged from the surf to wind our way back to our designated spot to work on our tans.

We then went for a spot of shade and sangria. After a few glasses of sangria, this tree started to look very attractive, so we took a few photos with our limbs entangled in it.

We decided that our sangria-fueled beach day couldn't be complete without a sunset viewing at Kumharas, which my photos truly don't do justice:

We got watermelon+mint shisha, our respective mojitos and sangrias, and settled in to listen to the reggae band and watch the Ibizan sun set.

Golden hour means no makeup needed, the sun does all the work.
I swear my hair looks more fabulous doused in salt water than shampooed. 
The sun obligingly set, as it always will do, and after a few more drinks, we set off into the night.

More of this on Saturday! Hope you didn't miss me too much ^_~

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