Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Travels: Ibiza Day 5

Fifth day of Ibiza post was delayed by a few hours because of the sheer amount of photos. Sorry in advance if you're inundated by the ridonkulous amount of photos. I'll try to limit the words in between to the bare minimum to make it more of a photo diary- albeit a very lengthy photo diary.

Rented a boat for the day to go from Santa Eularia port to Formentera.  
 The day started a bit gray and cloudy.

Then the sun came out to play. This photo below was only minimally saturated for color- the Balearic seas are really this blue. 

A derp moment before the posing.


Then it was time to get wet. Alejandro decided he would do it in style. 

I did it in my derp style.
Tried to put those years of cheerleading into practice again, but the ole body just doesn't move the way it used to. The effort on my face was just too much for the Interwebz to handle. 

 Sufficiently soaked, we put our slicked-back hair to good use.


V O G U E x 1000000000

When I know I'm going to be wet for a prolonged period of time, I put my hair in pigtails and wear a baseball cap because I don't do the wet haired look so well- I look like a drowned rat. 

Our capt'n told us of a secret location on this small island that I can't remember the name of. He said in the center of the island, there were these natural mud baths that we could go and cover our bodies in for a therapeutic body mud masque. When we asked how long it would take to reach it, he said, "Oh, about 15 minutes of walking. Not bad at all!", so we were game for it. 
We walked a little in and see this:
 NONE of us had brought shoes/flip flops, and we were only in our bathing suits. Stones, rocks, gravel, prickly bushes, and a sun that decided to shine at its brightest right at this moment rewarded our gullibility. That darn capt'n had his laugh.

Too far along- and too drunk- to go back, we decided to gamely carry on, tip-toeing our way around the rocks and climbing barefooted through the prickly thorny bushes. 

Finally! This only took us about an hour and a half to reach. 

Other wanderlusters were already at work covering their bodies in the mud. 

We set to it:

We hopped our way back on the hot gravel back to the shore, and washed the mud off. After that unexpectedly adrenaline-filled adventure, we toasted surviving with our lives in tact with champagne. The capt'n laughed and laughed.

Cruised around Formentera where we saw BEHEMOTH cruise ships. There was one in particular that the captain pointed out as the Porn Movie-Making Cruise Ship. Apparently, porn producers rent out this massive cruise ship just to shoot some cray porn on it. Sadly, we didn't see any of that action going on as we passed. 

Showing my A-town love to Formentera.

Tipsy and thoroughly exhausted from such an active day, we docked, went to eat dinner, and smoke some shisha whilst watching the rest of the sun head down for the night.

We all agreed that this day was the best day EVER, with the most amazing memories made. 

I think I need to buy a boat. What do you think?

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