Friday, September 19, 2014

Travels: Ibiza Day 4

Well, this post might as well be an OOTD post because it's so ridiculously heavy on photos of me against the gorgeous red brick backdrop of downtown Ibiza. Many many thanks to my babes Itzi for taking these photos and Ainara for having the gracious patience to wait on my preening and posing ass. 

Driving to Old Town Ibiza for dinner. 
By this time, my delayed luggage had arrived. Thank you China Southern for teaching me how to Macgyver my clothes for three days. 
 Hat: Korean random (dark olive version here)
Shirt: Stradivarius (similar here)
Skirt: H&M (MUCH cuter Nastygal version here)
Wedges: Tommy Hilfiger (similar TH wedges here)

I can't take any credit for these fantastic shots. All of the awesomeness comes from Itzi's photography skillz, the gorgeous Ibiza backdrop, and the golden hour sun rays.

I mean... this view though! 

Finally, our growling and sober stomachs led us down to La Oliva, who took us in despite not having reservations on a bustling Friday night. Turns out they're an absolutely delicious restaurant with a perfect view of all the passersby of Ibiza. We went in and ordered everything. Or so it felt afterwards!

White sangria. When in Ibiza!

Gratinated mussels baked with garlic, parsley, and cheese.

Beef carpaccio topped with parmiggiano cheese, olive oil and rucula.

Zucchini carpaccio with roasted Ibiza almonds. 

300 gram beef entrecote. This monster came with oven-roasted potatoes, grilled cherry tomatoes, light greens, and a tartar sauce.

Chicken ballotine from Ibiza with mushrooms. The sauce was impeccably delicious.

But none of the offerings could compare to my tuna fish steak encased in a sesame crust, with the most delicious wasabi purée. I asked for more wasabi sauce and delighted in the tingles in my nose all night. 

I tricked Iñigo into eating the super spicy red pepper, which is why he is trying to arm wrestle me in this photo. Then we (successfully) proceeded to trick everyone else at the table to eat the hot peppers. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Dessert was a giant rasperry macaron sandwich that had me pinching myself to make sure that I wasn't in heaven. 

We then strolled around Old Town Ibiza until sitting right smack in the center to drink and watch all of the performers from the different clubs come and entice the tourists to their 70 entrance fee venues, which we then went to (multiple times that week). I should have opened up a giant club on the island 20 years ago when I was a baby. Clearly. It is most unfortunate that my money-making instincts weren't so strong at that age. 

So many things to post about and so little time ack! Happy Friday!

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