Saturday, September 6, 2014

Travels: Ibiza Day 3

Started off Day 3 with a breakfast of traditional crusty bread topped with chopped + diced cold tomato as a spread and some of Spain's finest Ibérico ham, smothered with olive oil.

We decided to stay near our villa, so went to the nearby Cala Llonga Beach to tan while awaiting the arrival of another friend from the airport. 

Our friend Alejandro arrived, and we went to a restaurant across the beach to get some more Spanish deliciousness in our bellies. 

Green olives (my faves are the pitted ones), calamari, aioli, freshly sliced veggies.

Jamón-stuffed croquettes. Break in half and hot steam arises from this meaty concoction. Many a tongue was burnt from hasty attempts at getting this delicious morsel in the mouths before they cooled. 

Grilled calamari, larger form (not mine).

And my absolute favorite: pescado frito, or hot, freshly battered and fried little fish. Sprinkling of salt and pepper, squeeze a little lemon = pure heaven. Apparently these little suckers are kind of the poor people's food, so every time I ask for these in Spain, everyone is bewildered as to why this Asian woman is asking for something so low brow. I care not a fiddle- I love these little suckers! I could happily live on these for the rest of my life- they're the appetizers in the My Last Meal of My Life If I Could Choose game. 

And of course, that sexy Spanish beast of an entrée: paella. 
Just look at this gorgeous creature!
After the servers portion out your plate for you, everyone digs in.

After that kind of meal, the only thing you can do is work it off at the beach. Naturally. 

Seriously impressive sand castle. We didn't do this- this family worked on it all morning and afternoon. 

Photo inception. LOL at the random guy behind us!

After one of the most rigorous versions of ocean tag I've played (where I stealthily hid in the corner of the ocean every time), the sea monsters waded out to play in the sand. 

It was a long day for everyone, so we sat down for a simple but delicious dinner prepared by the absolutely gracious Itzi. She has a fashion blog in Spanish while running her boutique in Bilbao!

Then we quickly prettied ourselves to see Calvin Harris play at Amnesia!
Everything on my body was borrowed (except the crop top, which I purchased) from Itzi! She has banging clothes, I tell you.

A super fun-packed day all around. I don't even know where I mustered up this much energy- being on vacation is hard ^_~

Ibiza Day 4, 5, 6 adventures await!

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