Tuesday, September 9, 2014

OOTD: That Grecian Goddess Dress

Hiya! I'm interrupting the Travels posts with an OOTD post because... this dress though.

I happened upon this gorgeous little area whilst walking my dog one day. These massive columns were screaming to be featured in some photos, so I got inspired and went all Grecian Goddess: long, columned dress, golden laurel leaf wreath that will probably only be used twice in my life, and one little dog. In my version of Greek mythology, I'm sure all the gods and goddesses had a little Perseus sitting next to them drinking ambrosia and whatnot from a golden bowl while plotting the upheaval of those little humans down below Mt. Olympus. 

The fantastic part of this dress was that it has two slits, so it's not all fuddy-duddy as the initial appearance might suggest. 

The wind was a-blowin that day so I got some really great shots that showed off those slits. 

The golden laurel wreath is a purchase from Zara a few months ago. It was an utterly whimsical purchase- I think I was reminiscing about my old college days' parties and thinking, oh they'll go great with a toga- but for the equivalent of $50, it was probably a poor decision. For one, I have not been to a toga party in quite some time. For another, it's a bit awkward to wear randomly to a party, no? Sigh. Maybe for Halloween then.

My hair was behaving very nicely that day. I'd put my wet hair in braids the day before after a shower and slept with the braids in. Next day: voilĂ ! Mermaid waves.

I loved these bracelets so much that I bought one in silver, gold, and rose gold. The square ones on my left wrist were a bit big, but most bracelets are, and it was unique enough to justify: it's even-edged on one side, and ends in a circle. 

The back of the dress is also *love*. It swoops out and reveals just a hint of skin. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving break)! And if you don't celebrate this holiday, then happy Tuesday!

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