Friday, August 15, 2014

Travels: Shanghai, China

Very belated Shanghai post from my visit back in April 2013! This one was long overdue.
'Twas a Sarah Squared adventure, as I went with my girl Sarah Jeannine. We visited my friends Chris and June, who were absolute superstars and showed us around everywhere. I'll punctuate the photos with short and sweet narrative. 

 Our view from our hotel. 
The best dumplings in the world. Period. There was a rich, flavorful broth inside the dumpling, smothering the meatball inside. 
Beef bone stew + dumplings = perfect hangover food. 
 Shopping on the Nanjing Rd strip. 
Precious elderly couple dancing in the streets. 
 People's Square + Starbucks, natch.
Carnival rides for the public. 
Future rhythmic gymnast? 
Top of the 61-floor K11 shopping mall.
Outtake- but take a look at that setting sun. 
Golden hour. 
Fun with shapes.  
Street artist. 
Shopping in the alleyways of Tian Zi Fang.  
Incense holder. 
 Found some bits and bobbles to my liking.
 French Concession with the tree-lined streets. 
June <3 
Chris with his signature pose. 
 A surreal European landscape in the midst of China.
 Spun-sugar artist who will make you your horoscope sign. 
 I'm a fish.

I adore Shanghai. I love the juxtaposition of west and east, the international feel, the mouth-watering food- I don't know why it took me so long to visit this glorious city while living in Asia. More trips to Shanghai are in the works, so I'll do a proper Guide To when I've been again.

TGIF! And Happy Independence Day Korea!

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