Friday, August 8, 2014

Travels: Nami Island, Korea (남이섬)

These photos were taken one year ago in August 2013. It remains a mystery to me how much things can change over a period of one year, and yet the everyday mundane slows time down and make the small changes imperceptible to the naked eye. I only realize how much I've changed when looking back at photos, which is one of the reasons why I love blogging- at the end of it all, you have a lovely scrapbook of your life. 
We took a trip down to one of my favorite places in Korea- Nami Island. Formerly just a pile of stones and bare trees on a scrap of land, a philanthropist developed it into a nature haven, with tree-lined roads and wildlife cultivated into his vision of "purity of the human mind through the unification of nature and culture". Featured in a famous Korean drama, tourists flock to this culturally  and imaginary independent state with its own passport and currency.  
Wildlife abound on the island in the form of rabbits, squirrels, and ducks, but of curious note are the wild ostriches of various sizes and ages allowed to strut around where they please, stepping around the annoying humans with their cameras.
These are the adult ostriches, but I've seen a few baby ostriches running around as well.
Nami Island also happens to be Perseus' favorite place in Korea as well, because the island is pet-friendly and he gets to roam around and mark his territory on every tree he sees.  
See? They even have a Perseus-sized traditional Korean house for him to feel at home.
 My favorite activity is to rent the electric scooters and zip around the outer paths of Nami Island, with Perseus galloping behind.
The ostriches have a particular fondness for Perseus. I know because every time they see him, they speed up to try and catch him as they think that he is edible.
 It's pretty terrifying, actually, because the ostriches are quite large, with pointy beaks.
Perseus has no idea of the dangers he faced, and nonchalantly strolls along.
 After a good long trot, he likes to take a breather at the northernmost tip of the island.  
 Sometimes, if he gets too tired, he'll hitch a ride on my scooter. 
Around midday, I like to get some food to go and picnic in many of the common park areas in the center of the island. 
Bibimbap (비빔밥): Korean fried rice jumbled with all sorts of different vegetables, red pepper paste, sesame oil, and a sunny-side egg on top.
Break the runny yolk and mash over everything.  
 Pizza four ways. I will never understand Koreans' preference of the combination of corn and mayonnaise as a legitimate and palatable topping on pizza. 
During the picnic and snooze session, Perseus found a friend and wanted to play.
The squirrel begrudgingly acquiesced for a few minutes, then scampered off to find its cache of nuts. 
The view from below. 
For dinner, a tradition: Chuncheon Chicken (춘천닭갈비), or marinated spicy grilled chicken. 
If you would direct your attention to the wee one across the table with the biggest, brightest, most hopeful eyes...  
He didn't take his eyes off the chicken for a second :) 
The spiciness of the grilled chicken is counteracted by a bowl of chilled buckwheat noodles in a cold, light soba type broth. Add half a boiled egg, sesame seeds, diced cucumbers, and a dash of vinegar and mustard- it's the perfect accompaniment to a perfect summer meal. 

Oh how I love these endless warm summer Seoul days <3


  1. Such pretty photos, you're so gorgeous + that dog is far too cute! I would love to visit Korea one day - it looks absolutely gorgeous there! x

    emily | HONEY LOAF x

  2. Thank you Emily! and as for Korea... come, Emily, coooooome! Korea is a spectacular place to visit! ♥


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