Thursday, August 21, 2014

Travels: Hello from Ibiza!

I had been working non-stop for the past 3 months, really quivering in envy whenever I saw everyone post amazing photos from their sun-soaked holidays in exotic locations. Sure, I managed to get away a few weekends to the local Korean beaches, but it really doesn't seem like a proper vacation without going through the duty-free shopping in an international airport, does it?
Last summer I was in PragueCroatia for Yacht Week, and Germany of course, but this summer has been seriously slacking in the wanderlust-fulfilling department. I am making up for it- I'm in Ibiza for the week for some dizzyingly exciting adventures!

We're in a beautiful villa in Calla Llonga, and have been beaching, eating, and living life to our hearts' content.

China Southern, being the excellent airline that they are, delayed my luggage for suspicion of having a "battery" in my checked-in luggage. They found none, of course, and are *hopefully* sending my luggage by tonight, but since I've had no connector for my camera, these photos from my iPhone will have to tide you over for now as for what I've been up to.


Hasta la proxima!

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