Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Product Review: Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask

I haven't done a product review in what seems to be the blogger's equivalent of aeons so decided to dust off the marble countertop in the ole bathroom and bring you some of that vintage low-light product review photos that I know you've all missed. It's cloudy and rainy in Seoul all of a sudden so taking these photos outside of my fluorescent bathroom wouldn't have made much of a difference anyway.

Fresh is always one of those brands that drift in the Clinique/Biotherm/La Roche Posay categories for me in the sense that I've yet to find a must-have product from them. There might be some buzz over a product- like the Fresh Lip Tints or Effaclar Duo- where I try it because of the sheer amount of people raving about it, but it ends up not being my cup of tea. 

The Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask, however, is my cup of tea. In fact, it is my cup of black tea, as that is the main ingredient in this soft mask. 
Right, so you guys know there are two major types of facial masks: there are the ones for oily skin that goes deep into the pores to draw out the impurities and gives you a tight, face-lift feeling, like the Origins Charcoal Mask (my review of that here). Then there are the ones for dry or sensitive skin that hydrates, nourishes, and repairs the skin from flakiness and dryness. 
If you have combination skin like mine, you're always at a dilemma as to which one you should apply. Usually I apply a moisturizing mask to my cheeks and forehead, and a pore-penetrating one for my T-zone and chin. ~*HOWEVER*~, this Fresh Black Tea Mask is the only one of all my masks where I can apply to the entire face and emerge from the experience glowing all over. 
It is literally the frothiest, softest thing- it feels like velvet in a jar. When you apply it on your face, it goes on translucently and has a slight cooling effect. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash off easily with water (no cloths!). It doesn't harden or crack, and leaves the skin smooth and glowing.

For approximately $90 USD a jar, it's not the cheapest option in the cupboard, but I find it's the perfect thing to slather on after a night out to get my haggard, dehydrated, scaly skin back to a somewhat human-like exterior. Even better is that I don't have to use what remaining brain cells I have left after a weekend to try and figure out what mask to put on what part of my face- just this all over the face and et voilà! Two nights of sinning erased.

What is your favorite facial mask? I have so many but there must be some I haven't tried yet!

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