Monday, August 4, 2014

OOTD: Mint Florals

The sweltering humidity in Seoul is like being in a greenhouse. The air is so heavy that it clings to you, settling onto the top of your shoulders and adding extra weight to the load you're already carrying (your body, that is!). I thought taking my outfit photos in the lush, green park would be apropos of this greenhouse metaphor.

This little pavilion is something that you'll see in some version or another in all the parks scattered throughout Seoul. There is a big emphasis on outdoor gathering spaces in Korean culture, where elderly people can gather at dawn to crow about their grandchildren's achievements, teenagers can escape the stern eye of their parents and after-school tutors to sit and gab, and mothers can rest from their daily stroll to bounce and coo their toddler on their knees.

The gardeners of this park are particularly creative with their choice of flowers throughout, ensuring that every year, at every change of the season, there are different colors and types of flowers planted to adorn the different walkways and drape the structures. 

Anyway, on to the outfit details:
Mint top: H&M (similar singlet on sale here)
Floral Skirt: Bershka (similar River Island version here)
Nude Heels: Zara (similar here)
Purse: Korean brand (Marc Jacobs version here)

It was simply too hot to do anything with my hair, so it hung naturally. This was also the day that I took Perseus to take his photos, so you may remember this outfit from his post here

My nails are painted in nude, which I have to say is pretty much the most boring nail polish color ever. Every time I put it on, I do with the idea that it goes with everything I wear, but in hindsight, ughh give me a sparkly/glittery/multi-faceted/neon color any day. And do not EVER buy a nude nail polish from an expensive brand. 

Pondering where has July gone. It's August already?! 

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