Monday, August 18, 2014

OOTD: Deep Blues

*This is a scheduled post since I am currently on a plane.

When you find a dress that is a perfect cross between sporty + flirty + sexy, flares out into a swoosh for some spectacular spinning moments, fits you like a glove and still has the capability to hide your sins from a huge dinner out, then you try to buy it in every color available. In my case, I bought 6 of them. What can I say? When I commit, I commit.

I love everything about this skater dress.

From the front, a high neckline and full-bodied flare skirt makes it look positively demure.

Then you turn a bit to the side and start to see glimpses of a plunging side...

... and then you realize it's a full-on side boob cleavage situation. Underbutt and regular cleavage are sooooo last season.

The word "side boob", as well as YOLO, has recently been entered into in its quarterly update this August 2014.

Then we have the back.

The back plunges. As the sanctity of your modesty relies solely on those two straps on your shoulders, I advise you to try on all the different sizes at the store, even different ones in the same sizes, as they might fluctuate from garment to garment. It is imperative that you get a size that fits you perfectly. Otherwise, the front flaps around or you are in constant danger, girl.

When it fits perfectly, you'll know. The waist cinches and the straps lovingly hugs your shoulders.

Outfit details:
Dress: American Apparel Sleeveless Skater Dress in Blue
Shoes: Converse
Purse: Prada Saffiano 0838 in Arnice
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Justin in Black

This Prada is a new purchase from last month. It's bite-sized, mint-colored, and still fits my iPad mini and cosmetics case with ease. Just sling across the shoulders and go!

I thought the deep blue and mint colors went swimmingly together.

This outfit is such an easy summer outfit to pull together. If you're feeling a bit exposed, just throw a light sweater or shirt over it and you still have that flared skirt situation going on. I personally like to bring a kimono or cardigan out with me because South Korean society is still relatively conservative and some elderly folk will give me the side-eye otherwise. 

Hope your Monday is fab! I'll next be writing from someplace special, so keep an eye out! 

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