Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Beauty: Ginger Beauty and Recipes

I have long lauded the wonders of the ginger root. 
Ginger is indigenous to Southern China, and has been a staple in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, South Asian cuisine and herbal supplements for thousands of years. It has a whole slew of beneficial properties, short-listed by me as: anti-inflammatory, digestive, hepatoprotective (liver-protecting), anti-emetic (preventive against nausea and vomiting), anti-neoplastic (prohibiting tumor growth)- and these are only the scientifically proven benefits. Ginger is also used as a common folk remedy for colds, fatigue, headaches, and sore throats.

It's not surprising that I try to incorporate ginger into every aspect of my life, beauty or food-wise. I thought a long overdue beauty post should be combined with a long-overdue recipe post, so I'll write down some quick and easy ginger recipes below beneath the beauty part.

Products in photo from left to right:
  • Treacle Moon's One Ginger Morning: something I picked up in Germany and not a well-known international brand, they make a lot of fun and brightly-colored body washes and lotions, which are suspiciously a little too bright and colorful for my liking, but I love the little bottle and the ginger smell. 
  • The Body Shop Total Energy Exhilarating Body Wash: smells uplifting and zesty because of the ginger, cinnamon, and citrus; every time I energetically brush this body wash, the little exfoliating bits leave my skin feeling smooth and the smell always wakes me up in the morning!
  • The Body Shop Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo: it doesn't really matter if you have dandruff or not; ginger has natural anti-septic properties that help discourage the growth of microorganisms (the last thing you want in your hair) as well as naturally stimulating blood flow to the scalp, helping improve blood circulation to the hair follicles, which ultimately results in restored/increased hair growth. 
  • Origins Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash: when I want to give my body a rest from exfoliation, I use this creamier, more delicately scented version from Origins. Also citrusy to mitigate the strong ginger smell, this one foams up nicely.
  • Origins Ginger Souffle Whipped Body Cream: I admit that I was sucked into buying this because of the word "souffle" in the name and I was probably feeling a bit hungry that day, but this is a good old body cream to wrap my body in after a shower. You will smell like a delicious gingersnap all day.
  • Origins Ginger Hand Lotion: I have little portable hand lotions stashed in all my purses so I will never be dehydrated on that front, but when I'm home, I always wash my hands about 10 times a day. I like to keep this pumpable hand lotion nearby the sink because it's so convenient- just two pumps and you're good to go! The signature Origins ginger smell doesn't hurt either. 
There must be more ginger products that I use around the house, but I couldn't find them in time to take a photo while there was sunlight. I'm not kidding when I say I use ginger every day, and I also consume ginger every day in the form of a delicious iced ginger latte from a tea shop near my work. However, if your country doesn't sell iced ginger lattes, here are some quick and easy ginger things to whip up at home: 
  • Ginger Juice: grated ginger, pineapple juice, lemon, honey
  • Ginger Tea: sliced ginger, orange peels steeped in boiling water, add some honey for sweetness
  • Ginger Mask: grated ginger, honey, lemon, mix together and slap on face for a refreshing mask
  • Ginger Scrub: brown sugar, olive oil, grated ginger, lemon, mix and slather on, leave on for ten minutes, wash off with warm water.

Rather a lengthy post, but I've been seriously slacking in the beauty/recipe post department, so hope this tides you over until the next one! Working on a summer beauty post, I hope to have one up before the month of August (hence, summer) is over :)

Happy hump day! 

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