Friday, July 11, 2014

Travels: Prague, Czech Republic

And a happy Friday to you too!

I've decided that Fridays will be my Flashback Fridays where I try to put all my long overdue travel posts up. Those you following on me on Instagram here already know about a few of the places I've been, but I never got around to writing the posts up. There are so many that I will curate the few that were the most memorable. Bear with me while these posts, too amazing not to put up, take over the next few Fridays. 

Our accommodations were the luxurious five star Hotel Le Palais Prague. It was built as a residential palace in 1897, and has some of the finest examples of Belle Époque architecture in Prague (if you're into that sort of thing). It was completely remodeled to retain most of their retro glamour whilst including modern amenities such as heated marble floors. The hotel totally evoke gilded elegance of eras past- if you listen carefully, you can almost hear the faint strains of a waltz playing as guests glided down the magnificent staircases. 

And this view from the room- can't get any more beautiful than this. 

Despite the wet weather, we adventured out into the main parts of the city to soak up some culture. 

Grumbling stomachs led us to the river, where we had lunch on a docked ferry/ship structure. An added bonus: I found a new friend but he wasn't as cuddly as I thought he'd be. I was tempted to try to ride him but he wasn't having any of that. 

When in Prague, you eat... bruschetta. Obviously.

And ravioli. Although the food wasn't too spectacular, the view was mighty nice!

Everything I wore was from Zara except my Alexander Wang Rockie and my letterman jacket which I can't remember where I purchased for the life of me. Somewhere in Europe, I think.

How fabulous would this be if the hedges were taller than people? I love the idea of getting lost in hedge mazes- Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite Disney movies when I was young... and even in adulthood, I'm not ashamed to say ^.^

The weather started heating up, so I took off my sweater. I only included this photo because I had no idea that this is what I looked like when I take off sweaters. This sort of thing interests me very much. You may not be so much interested... but this is my blog :P

Prague has a lot of bridges. It reminded me very much of Seoul. I love cities that are intersected by rivers- makes it much more interesting to see how the city utilizes that space. In Seoul, bridges are used primarily by vehicles and both banks of the river are carefully seeded with plush grass so that the citizens can go glamping (glamorous camping, dontcha know) and bike. Commercialism is minimized in favor of nature. In Prague, they cater mostly to the tourists, so restaurants and boardwalks abound on both the riverbanks and on the bridges themselves, which are strictly pedestrian.

I took a quick snap of this artist selling their paintings on one of the bridges: every dot was in place, every curl on the iron lattice fence was painstakingly drawn- the detail was incredible. 

Walked up what seemed like a million and two steps.

But the view at the top was worth it. 

I think you'll agree :)

Finally at the tippity top! Twas probably the most I've walked in months.

Great success!

Selfie moment on the way down.  

Found some beautiful picturesque places tucked out of the way of the visitor. It felt like my own secret garden.

The walk down wasn't bad either- vineyards and red tiled roofs dotted the landscape.

Until next time, Prague~

It's hard to believe these were taken only a year ago! I feel so much time has passed since then. Prague is one of the most charming cities in Europe- and that is coming from someone who went at a time of periodic drizzle and clouds. I went once as a child back when it was still Czechoslovakia (my parents were intent on buying chandeliers from Prague, for some reason), and I have such different memories from back then and when I went last year. I would love to go again in the summer and see Prague in its full sunny, summery glory. Going on my bucket list!

Have you been to Prague? What's on your bucket list of places that you want to go?

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