Friday, July 18, 2014

Travels: My Egypt Photo Diary Part One

It's Flashback Friiiiiiiiday! Which means I get to take you on a quick trip to Egypt!

But first, let me take a selfie:

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Justins
Necklace: Tiffany & Co
Jumpsuit: Korean Random (similar here and here)

Fresh off the plane, I immediately regretted having clothes on. You want to be naked when that 35°C blast of air hits your body. I already did an OOTD post on this back in October 2013 here

We arrived at our first resort and was languidly given a welcome drink consisting of sugary water containing 0.07% artificial fruit.

Our first resort in Makadi Bay was lovely in terms of the grounds, but it was downright disastrous in terms of service. The male staff were distressingly sexist, borderline sexually harassing me when I was out in the pool area. I know that this is a Muslim country, but I felt that wearing a bikini at a Westernized resort was okay. I was incredibly uncomfortable with the masses of male staff congregating behind the bar and blatantly staring at me, doing the whole up-and-down scan of my body with their eyes. I've honestly never had this kind of thing happen to me, let alone at an advertised "five-star resort" where the German manager outright refused to believe my clearly distressed reality. We got out of there in a hurry to the Mövenpick Resort in Hurghada, which came with a lot of free ice cream and without the sexual harassment.  

I loved how the resort had this unique reservoir between the beach line and the pools of the resort, so you got to see all sorts of wildlife in the lake, like this gorgeous crane cooling off. 

You can see the reservoir a bit better here. 

This strip of sand served as the perfect parking space for my butt to tan and read to my heart's content. Drinks and food can be brought over to you, and you were literally sandwiched between two bodies of water- utter bliss. 

One humped camel = dromedary. Camels are actually way more rare and expensive. And both camels and dromedaries live 40-50 years?! That's a longer lifespan than a human in the Middle Ages!

When in Egypt, you eat Egyptian food, like so...

...and so...

...except when you just feel like battered fish with tartar sauce. 


The reflections of the sunset on the reservoir were unreal. For every sunset I see, I try to emblazon the image in my head to be able to recreate it through art or language. Clearly I can't compete with the real thing, so here you are.

Second part of this fairly chatty Egypt Photo Diary is coming up next Flashback Friday. Until then, it's Friiiiiiday! Go out into the balmy air, sip a watermelon or lychee martini, and dance like no one is watching, you lovely readers you!

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