Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A few weeks back, Perseus decided that as the de facto *~*star*~* of the universe, he needed a photoshoot.

Any and all commentary is transcribed precisely as he told me. I take no credit for his words. 

"What's that? Someone is crying out for help?"

"It's time for..."


"Shhh, you're not supposed to see me in action!"

"My job here is done. Time for my snacks."

"Bring me some bamboo shoots, peasant."

"I'll take a meaty snack too, please. I didn't mean the peasant part, I'm sorry."

"I'm off to play some tennis at the club, old chap."

"Ughhhh being a full time sex symbol is hard work."

"But don't even try to take my clothes while I sleep."


"Kisses for you, human."

"Ooh what's that what's that what's that can I have it pleasepleaseplease?"


A huge thank you to the sweet and immensely talented Jeku at Jeku Arce Photography. He usually does amazing headshots in his home studio so if you need to get some professionalism injected into your face photos, off you go!

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