Monday, July 28, 2014

OOTD: Wedding Stripes

Last weekend I went to a traditional Korean wedding of an extended family member. 

As some of you may already know, Korean weddings today look very different from those 20 years ago. The actual wedding dress is white and Westernized, purchased or rented from wedding venue. The venues are almost always at wedding convention halls: large, pristine, crystallized, marbled affairs. There is an attempt of a marriage (pun intended) of the traditional (Korean) and the modern (Western) elements of marriage, but the formula has become trite and banal.

Almost ascetic and sterilized in its uniformity and formula, there are specific moments attached into these package deals where you have photo opportunities carefully embedded into different parts of the wedding. The wedding guests don't bat an eye when, in the midst of the exchanging of the vows, the videographer gets in-between the couple to zoom in on the bride's presumably teary-eyed face. 

Towards the end of the ceremony, the wedding cake is, oddly, wheeled on the walkway by the attendants so there is a cake-cutting aspect to the ceremony. This actually replaces the "now you may kiss the bride", which would still be considered a bit scandalous in Korea, so there is a "now you may cut the cake", a much less risqué proposition. 

And what is a wedding without confetti cannons? Two attendants go behind the bride and groom as the lights are dimmed and expertly push the trigger so multi-colored streams of confetti can signify the end of the wedding ceremony and the start of the buffet banquet. 

I think that there is a safe element to the formula of weddings held in Asia, and, as the multi-million-dollar industry numbers can attest, this formula has been and is working, in Seoul, Shanghai, Taipan, Tokyo, etc. I, however, would prefer to not have the videographer interrupt my vows, thankyouverymuch.

So, on to the outfit of the day part of this post!
Like all good wedding attendees, I nixed white, light pink, or any light pastels in favor of nautical stripes. I threw on a white blazer (it is summer, ya'll) for decorum but the front of my dress was conservative enough to neglect the blazer for the rest of the time there. 

Unintentional, but the stripes on my Tommy Hilfiger wedges matched my dress. As did my silk scarf on my purse. These are all unintentional.

I got my hair curled at my salon, and used on my face:
Fairydrops Scandal Queen Mascara in Black (my beauty secret, more about that in a later post!)
Smashbox Bronzer (similar here)

Dress: Zara (sold out but similar styles here and here)
Wedges: Tommy Hilfiger (similar TH wedges here)
Purse: Prada Saffiano 
Silk Scarf: Old but similar here and here
Watch: Michael Kors Preppy Chic Lexington Watch in Rose Gold and Pink

I love how the addition of a bright silk scarf instantly jazzes up a purse. 

I dug out some of my Dior nail polishes that have been languishing in a box and popped on Flapper Pink (#453). One of these days, I really must photograph my nail polish collection- it's how I got into blogs and blogging, and maybe the sheer shock of documenting and broadcasting my hoard will force me into ceasing this ridiculously expensive purchasing habit... doubtful but I shall make a valiant attempt.

I asked for natural waves with a deeper-than-usual side part. Nautical stripes + waves... geddit?

Surprise! This dress was backless but my hair covered it well enough. Now all I need to do it throw my hair into a high ponytail, slip on some metallic silver heels, grab a tiny clutch, and it's a brand new (sluttier) outfit!

Have you been to a summer wedding? How does one balance the heat with delicate fashion sensibilities?

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