Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day 2014

 Happy Fourth of July 'Murica!

This time last year I was in Croatia for Yacht Week and celebrated Independence Day on a smaller scale there, but this year I'll get to see the full-on festivities thanks to real estate. My apartment overlooks the nearby US military base and every Fourth of July, they put on the most spectacular fireworks show, of which I get a bit of a personal viewing.

Independence Day isn't just a movie ('twas a good one though!) or an excuse to BBQ and set off fireworks. It's important to recognize that the US went from being a group of disjointed colonies inhabited by religious and political asylum seekers into a self-made nation of steel, industry, and innovative technology. The American people, brought together from all walks and areas of life, have a tenacity and enduring spirit that is both admirable and laudable. That is what this day represents, so I'll be keeping that in mind when eating my cheeseburger, BBQ ribs, and freedom fries!

Happy 238th birthday America!

Now I'm off to celebrate America's birthday with a few friends! How are you celebrating the Fourth of July?

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