Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Currently Loving: My New Blog Layout!

Exsqueeze my manners, but I haven't even mentioned the new look of my blog!
The first post on this blog was December 30, 2012, but that is grossly misleading: I only started blogging in earnest March 31, 2013, and it was a steady, impressive showing until February 14, 2014, when I just dropped off the face of the earth until June 17, 2014 (last month). So I would say that the true total is that I have blogged a year's (12 full months) worth of content. Happy 1 year birthday, blog! For a gift, I got you a facelift, you old thing!

I've always wanted a more streamlined look to my online baby, and because it cannot be sunset perpetually, as my previous blog header seemed to indicate, I went with a classic mint and gold hand-drawn hearts look. Yes, I hate the clichéd heart sign as much as the next jaded Millenial (sigh, yes even I categorize under Generation Millenial, I Googled it) but whatevs, I like it for now, so it stays. 

Another thing that has changed is the "Read More" button, which is added to the bottom of each introductory paragraph. If you have been under the impression that I have been blogging only one photo and one paragraph per blogpost and have neglected to see the "Read More" button, then GTFO, get thee away from my blog, thanks. 

I've added the Last Month's Pageviews to show you, the reader, the Google analytics of what I see. I am just as astonished as you all are that so many people are reading my content and yet not commenting. All you sneaky readers, come out and play! The commenting system I have installed in my blog is Disqus, and it is absolutely necessary to discourage spam. It's super easy to sign up for: I promise it doesn't bite or send you email scams to send money to Africa, and it will give some of you the opportunity to comment on the blogpost and not secretly email/tweet me questions. Although I like those as well, you cheeky things.

If you are also a seasoned reader/follower, you will also notice that there have been less beauty posts and more OOTD and travel posts. I am slowly but surely getting to the beauty posts, it's just that during the summer, my beauty routine becomes more... lazy. No one wants to spend an hour putting on makeup just to have it slowly slide off during the rest of the day. So maybe a focus on skincare, maybe? Because even with my youthful and dewy complexion as a Millenial (ahem!), I'm still getting older (every day, even!) and am always up for preemptive strikes against that big meany Father Time. 

So out with the old, in with the new, and here's to another good run of consistent blogging from yours truly! Hip hip!

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