Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Anmyundo Island 2014

This past weekend, after an unexpectedly vigorous yet accomplished 4th of July evening out (a restaurant, bar, club, karaoke room, and underground venue, all within a span of 6 hours whew!), I went straight from the afterparty to... the back of a car where I slept until the arrival to Anmyundo Beach located on the east coast of Korea, where we spent the weekend. These photos are courtesy of a motley of whatever cameras/phones we had lying around and through the grace of strangers' chargers, as in my haste I'd forgotten to pack my own Lumix battery AND my iPhone charger. And that is why this blogpost is belated. I was cobbling together photos from literally 4-5 different sources. Just call me MacGyver.

Before checking in, we took a ferry to another historic island. I have never been around that many 60+ year old pensioners in my entire life. 

The trick to get their attention (not the pensioners, cheeky!): first, wave a shrimp chip around. 

Then they start to flock...

...and then it becomes a flock...

Trying not to get pooped on. 

Big vase. 

Big jump.


This little monkey was tired too.

Stunning view of the other islands. 

Carnivorous dinner. 

On the walk back from dinner, we were treated to a lit-up bridge and (more) fireworks. 

A little Greek mini Parthenon on the hotel property.

Then, because as you do when you visit an island, we visited an arboretum. 

Appropriately angsty in my "I Literally Do Not Care" shirt. On a side note, I HATEHATEHATE when people use the phrase "literally" incorrectly. Google it. 

For late lunch, we had grilled seafood, again, as you do on an island. 

Scallops, clams, and other shellfish that I couldn't identify are all laid out to boil alive. Yum!

Clearly this one had the best time EVER. 

It was a bit cloudy thanks to Typhoon Neoguri but hopefully this upcoming weekend will have the sun that I was chasing! Another weekend, another island. 

Happy hump day! How will you spend this upcoming weekend?

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