Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Currently Loving #1

Flowers of the week centered around orange and various shades of green blooms.

 There is this wee white table next to my eastern windows that I sometimes place my vase of the flowers of the week. I threw some of my favorite things onto the table as well to show you what I'm currently loving. 

  1. Michael Kors Signature Perfume: I'm not a big perfume fan, but this scent was one that I obsessively wore back in college, and I was reminded of my love for it again when I entered a Michael Kors store recently. Consider me re-obsessed. The heady scent of tuberose is back in my life, just in time for balmy summer nights. 
  2. Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream: A recent beauty concern of mine has been dark circles and under-eye problems that will inevitably crop up if you've been carelessly tanning and eschewing SPF as I have. I picked up this pricey but seriously smoothing eye cream and will report back on results with a full review after more usage; if it does what it says it does, I should save thousands from avoiding Botox. Fingers crossed!
  3. H&M earrings (link only for UK H&M): I don't usually like chunky bright jewelry and thought I'd be firmly parked in my delicate and tiny jewelry preferences for the summer, but at my recent stop at H&M I was drawn to these statement pieces. I'm imagining wearing these with all-white ensembles for cocktails on top of breezy rooftop parties this summer. 
  4. Dior DIORSNOW White Reveal Illuminating Eye Treatment: Another eye treatment pickup that is supposed to lighten the under-eyes. These dark circles really start to appear as you age, due to sun overexposure or genetics. Whatever they are, I'm trying to avoid panda eyes as much as possible- pandas are only cute in the wild or the zoo.
  5. Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Facial Oil: A mini sample size that so far I've been loving. I find creams too thick and rich for summer, so a light facial oil does the trick of hydrating- don't think you don't need to hydrate your skin during the summer, girls!
  6. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Flat Wallet: I am so in love with these that I picked up two more in different colors. I never lose this in the black hole of my purses because of its bright color, but its super-slim structure doesn't bulk up smaller bags.
  7. H&M pink floral necklace (couldn't find this link anywhere, sorry!): Another statement piece that is more subtle and paired perfectly with monochromes. I wore it recently for an OOTD so stay tuned for those photos!
What are you currently loving? I love to hear your beauty recommendations!

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