Friday, February 14, 2014

Nailed: Valentine's Day Roses

It's Valentine's Day! Whether you are single or otherwise engaged, take this Hallmark holiday to remind yourself that you should show your love not merely once a year, but daily, to your significant others, family, and friends.
To celebrate, I've dolled up my nails using inspiration from some nail blogs. I debated between red hearts or some vintage roses, and went with the latter because it seemed a bit more romantic. Here is my version of a step-by-step (minus a few steps because I was just in the groooooove) of vintage roses. 

All 5 polishes I used are from Etúde House, from left to right- Bling Bling Pearl Top Coat // GR609 Evergreen // PK003 Strawberry Milk // BR301 Black Milk Tea // RD010 Darling Bling Bling Red

Obviously you can use any other nail polish brand, I used Etúde House because I have a crap ton of them.

1) After application of the base coat, apply a light pink all over. Wait til dry.

2) Using a round tool, or the nail polish brush, paint a round circle with the darker pink.

... so I got super excited and forgot to take photos of the next 3 steps. 
3) Basically, you use the tip of a sharp tool (like a toothpick) dipped in red and make large, messy "Cs" in the dark pink circles. 
4) You can use a white (or a silvery pearl, like I did) to just make highlights in the rose, but this step is not necessary. Your roses should still look like red blobs, as mine does. 
5) Using a different toothpick or another sharp edge, draw leaves with a green nail polish. I didn't make too much of an effort so my leaves look more or less like fuller lines.

Tadaaaaa! Thanks to the power of your brain, everyone will see roses when they see your nails from a little distance away! Hurray!

These photos were taken with my iPhone but you get the gist- vintage-y roses!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day and remember that you deserve to be treated like a princess (or prince!) every day, not just on February 14th ^_~.

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