Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beauty: Winter Essentials

I realize that there's been an inundation of backlogged travel posts recently, and since some of the other types of posts I've been dying to write have been neglected, I'll hold off on the cruise posts until a few posts down.

Skincare is a topic near and dear to my heart so I wanted to detail what I've been doing to combat the wintry/icy/windy temperatures of winter. Unless you've been soaking up the sun in Australia's summer or in some equator-centric location (you lucky thing!), you're probably suffering the same maladies as I- dry, flaky skin around the cheeks, forehead and nose, and chapped, cracked lips. You can't stay in the house huddled up with three blankets and the heat cranked up until May, so slather these products on, buy that chic oversized camel coat you've been eyeing, and buckle up for a beautiful wintry season.

First up in my moisturizing regimen is the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Touted as a night serum, I recently discovered it while browsing through a Kiehl's in search of a Lunar New Year gift for my aunts. At first I was a little apprehensive about using oil on my face, which is already oily enough as it is, but this dry oil is so incredibly light that it's perfectly fine for both morning and and night usage. It doesn't hurt that it smells like a bouquet of roses. 

After a few dabs of the dry oil, I like to layer on Melvita's ProSun Face Care SPF 30. I don't know why I can't find a proper link to purchase this product besides Amazon UK, but I bought this at the airport on my way back to Seoul because as you know I am a sucker for all things Melvita. This product smells delicious and is appropriately light as a cream but sinks in beautifully as all things Melvita do. I added this product as a winter essential because I think the freezing cold makes us forget that the sun remains the same strength, no matter the season. I've also been struggling with some rather unbecoming sunspots on my face and darker melanin circles under my eyes thanks to my love of tanning (something I'll write about in a later post), so my sunscreen application has become quite fervent in my attempt to reverse the rampant sun exposure I got from Egypt and Thailand in 2013.

As a more heavy duty face lotion, I use the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. This tube generally gets sent to the back of the cupboard during the summer months, but during the winter, it's an absolute godsend. In lieu of the sunscreen that I apply in the morning, I apply the Overnight Mask after my Kiehl's Concentrate at night so I can wake up with a hydrated and youthful face.

My lips, usually last on my beauty priorities, suffer the most during the winter. I make sure to slough off all the dead skin cells (gently, gently!) with LUSH's Christmas release of the Santa's Lip Scrub, formulated to smell like a Coca-Cola slushee. Not only does it smell lickable (which, btw, I do not) but it also leaves a slight tint on the lips from the red coloring, and the cute little mini red heart confetti uselessly interspersed throughout the large granules add a festive touch. Just don't get any on your bathroom sink or you'll have to scrape it off.

The final touch is Bobbi Brown's Extra Soothing Balm, one of the most annoying and heavy jars to carry around, but the product inside is so golden that I've already purchased two backups. I like to keep this by the bedside table in case I need to moisturize last minute. It's a super dense, rose-scented balm that's perfect for pretty much anything. Some people may scoff at the expensive version of Vaseline, but when I say I use it for anything, I mean it. Because it's so dense, a little goes a long way. I use it on my lips to moisturize overnight or prep before lipstick, dab a little around my nose to moisturize the flakes, smooth it on my cuticles, swirl a bit on my cheeks to give them a sheen and glow, and pat on my eyebrows to keep them in line and shaped all day. I've also read that it can be used as an eye cream that plumps and moisturizes without accentuating eye bags or looking greasy- I'll try it out and report on the results. 

Hmm, there were some mini product reviews in there, but I had to extol the virtues of some of my winter essentials. Were there any that you are already using and love?


  1. May I just say that I love, love, LOVE your blog. As an aspiring traveler and fashionista, it's so wonderful to be able to look into your various travels and cultural encounters (Not to mention, all the beauty reviews!) Thanks so much! Looking forward to reading more great future blog posts

  2. Thank you so much Eliza! It makes me super happy to know that you love my blog! *^_^*


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