Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Travels: Mallorca Part 1

Finally getting to the backlogged holiday posts!

Our holiday cruise departed from Mallorca, so we flew into Palma de Mallorca at the crack of dawn and checked into the ship. While waiting for the rest of the 2000 passengers to arrive, we spent the morning at the top deck sauna, whirlpooling, sweating, and snoozing, but come afternoon, we decided to explore a bit of Mallorca as the ship didn't set sail until early evening. 

More on the cruise in the next blogpost, but I wanted to dedicate a post or two to Mallorca because not only did we spend the first day there, but even after the cruise ended, we stayed on in Mallorca for the rest of the weekend before flying back into Munich. This blogpost is the Part 1, Mallorca before the cruise.

Mallorca is such a glorious amalgamation of mountains and sea. The harbor views are spectacular. 

Took so many photos of the Palma Cathedral. Gorgeous gorgeous structure. 

Meandered into the town of Palma to sightsee and shop. 

 We stopped at a whim at a local restaurant. We sat down thinking, this is Mallorca, surely they'll have good seafood. False. This restaurant was a prime example of how you need to do your research beforehand. The attractive exterior and the convenient location suckered us into thinking the restaurant would be good, which was the furthest from the truth. The service was one of the worst I've ever experienced, with problems ranging from servers taking a good fifteen minutes to take our order, forgetting our order, bringing out the wrong food, serving at different times so that I was completely finished with my two dishes by the time C got his food, our original server then disappearing for 30 minutes and then re-emerging to sit next to us to smoke a cigarette and blow it haphazardly around... 

My blood pressure just increased significantly thinking about it. Let's move on.

 It's a good thing my coffee from a nearby pastry shop lifted my mood by the time we walked back to the Palma Cathedral. That and this handsome thing :)

 If you squint hard enough, you can see our mammoth structure of a cruise ship nestled between the two trees. A floating city.

 Stunning sunsets.

This view of the harbor totally reminded me of Yacht Week! ^__^

More on the second part of Mallorca (the mountains and our fab hotel) in the next blogpost!

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