Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm Back! + Ice Skating @ Stacchus

Considering the last blogpost written on here was Christmas, I'm a bit ashamed to have fallen off the blogging routine. With all the traveling and adjustments around the holidays and new year, it was inevitable, but I have no excuse for why I didn't have a post up a week ago. The sheer amount of photos whispering to be organized and sorted was daunting, and it does become a slippery slope when you internally justify, "oh there's too many, I'll do it tomorrow", or "oh I have a 101 degree fever, I need a break", and all of a sudden, you've let nearly a month slide by without an update! Bad Sarah.
I've decided to slowly dip my toe into the blogging pool by putting up some very belated photos of ice skating in Munich about a month ago in December. It should tide you over for the first few days while the massive blogposts from the cruise, New Year's festivities, and other travels are being sorted. 

This guy is apparently the mascot of the mini skating rink in the Stacchus center of Munich. Well, he was, as the skating rink is only there for the holidays. I offered him a nibble of my pork but he declined, he has to watch his ice-skating figure.

Nervously contemplating entering the fray of ice skaters. As you get older, the bruises sustained from ice skating become a lot more painful.

Luckily, we found this little professional to help us out. 

I really like ice skating, can you tell?

Pink and purple sky, so gorgeous!

I've given myself a mental kick in the bum to get motivated again, so blogs will be coming forthwith!

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