Thursday, December 19, 2013

Product Review: LUSH Lip Tint "It Started with a Kiss"

I took these photos a few months ago intending on reviewing one of my favorite lip products, but this blogpost got lost in the flurry of travel and holidays. I thought I'd bring it up now because I just realized that this lip color is not only perfect for the holidays, but as it does not BUDGE, it's great for those who are attending those holiday dinners where, even whilst eating, their lip color should look as fabulous as their outfits. Amirite?

LUSH's "It Started with a Kiss" Lip Tint has earned a permanent place in my beauty arsenal because, as I've written above, I've yet to find another lip product that has such durable and lengthy wear-time with consistent color payoff. The lip tint is also fantastic for its versatility: for my barely-there-makeup days, I can apply the tint sheerly- it gives my lips a rosy, bitten look that looks completely natural. For vampy looks, I can build the color for a bold, matted red look.

Similar to Benefit's -tint range (Benetint, Posietint, etc.), LUSH's lip tins also work wonderfully as a cheek stain. "It Started with a Kiss" is a bold, sheer red, so a little goes a long way- just a tiny dab on the apples of your cheeks will give you a healthy flush. On the lips, use a lip scrub to exfoliate first. The tint has a tendency to be unforgiving so any peeling skin or dryness will only be illuminated if you don't scrub up first. That being said, the lip tint is not moisturizing, so after scrubbing the lips, prep the lips further with a clear balm before the tint application. That'll make the tint go on smoothly. 

It has an apple/cinnamon/chocolate smell (and tastes a bit like it too). In the tin, it will be hard, but once on the skin, it warms up and becomes smoother in texture, easier to glide on. The swatch above is literally one dab. The payoff is incredible. It goes without saying that this little tin lasts for a good long time. 

For the holidays, LUSH released a limited edition lip tint called "Santa Baby". As far as I can tell, the only difference between the two is that "Santa Baby" has a cola scent and flavor, and "It Started with a Kiss" smells and tastes like apple/cinnamon/chocolate. The color and texture of the two appear to be the same, which begs the question, "what was the point?". 

Another lip tint in LUSH's arsenal that I absolutely love is the bubblegum pink "Snow Fairy" that was a limited edition. I wish they would do more variations of lip tint colors because the quality and durability is spot on. I'd love a coral or raisin color next. 

Have you tried LUSH's lip tints? Love them or hate them?

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