Sunday, November 3, 2013

Travels: Jebudo Island

I thought I'd finally post this blogpost while I'm away at a spa weekend in Austria to relive a little taste of summer. Don't worry, the Egypt blogposts are in the works, but let this tide you over til those are up ^_~

I'd been to Jebudo Island earlier this year, but as it is one of my favorite islands in Korea, I jumped at the chance to take C there when he flew into Korea for a few weeks at the end of summer. We packed my TT with beach blankets, beach toys, weekender bags, swimsuits, the little Perseus, and zoomed off to the island on a Friday afternoon.

The island itself is a tricky place to get to because you have to time the tidal waves just right. The bridge connecting the island to the mainland is covered from certain times of the day, a fact that was never an issue until later the next day, which I'll elaborate upon in a few pictures down. 

We checked into THE most charming free-standing cottage a few steps from the boardwalk of the beach. Since we arrived relatively late, we unloaded, bought some fresh meat and supplies to have our own grilling cookout at our cottage, and fired her up.

After a satisfying dinner of ten pork chops (we were hungry, ok?!), grilled spam (never underestimate the Korean people's love for spam, me included), beef-fried rice and steamed white rice, beer (for him) and Moscato (for me!), we tidied up and promptly fell asleep, Perseus snuggled in the suitcase, immersed in all our smells. 

The next morning, we were awoken by Perseus sniffing around raring to go, so we threw open the door and let him explore the grassy area a bit while we got ready for the beach. We checked out, threw our non-essentials into the car, stuffed a massive beach bag chock-full of beach-y goods, and headed down for a good ole frolickin'.

We snoozed, we boozed, and we baked. C walked Perseus down the length of the beach during low tide. We also attempted a valiant game of sticky velcro handball on the beach, but the sun's rays beating down on us became too much. We abandoned the game to just fry.

Perseus got a bit sandy and hot, so we sprayed him down, took a shower at the communal showers, dressed, and headed to one of my favorite seafood restaurants on the beach.

There are a multitude of seafood grill restaurants all along the promenade, but I've been to this one before, and it's by far my favorite. The proprietor- and server- is a grizzly man with a wide gap-toothed smile. You order a bucket of freshly caught seafood, and he fires up your own table-side charcoal grill. He fearlessly lines up your mussels, clams, oysters, scallops with his bare hands while we timidly poke at the seafood with gloved hands and tongs. As soon as the stuff gets asizzlin', you take it off the grill, pluck the meat out of the shell, dip it in spicy Korean pepper paste sauce (고추장), and nom away. The seafood bucket comes with two portions of clam noodle soup, so after you've had your fill of grilled seafood, you can tuck in to a refreshing and savory soup.

Don't do what we did and forget to keep track of the tide- we missed the 4PM low tide and thus had to wait til the 9PM low tide in order to leave the island and make it to the pool party being held later that night. We passed the time having some iced coffees and taking photos of the sunset.

Such a gorgeous place tucked away so close to Seoul! Jebudo Island definitely is my calm oasis when I don't have time to book a week getaway. If you're in Korea, you don't need a car to get there- there are several buses that run upon the hour to the island. If you mismanage the tide, the mainland has plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit stands, as well as the plethora of seafood restaurants dotting the beach, to keep you occupied until you can cross the bridge. Grab a roll-up mat, a friend, and go for an overnight stay! Don't forget to grill out- it just tastes better by the sea!


  1. Okay, your dog is the cutest! The location is pretty awesome too, thanks for the review! xoxo

  2. Loved your dress! It's so cute :)

    Caterina x



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