Friday, November 22, 2013

Product Review: The Body Shop Lip Butter in Chocolate

I used to be a huge fan of the Body Shop when I was in elementary/middle school. It was the perfect gateway drug into the world of beauty- loads of affordable, good quality products in sweet and floral scents, bright and attractive packaging. I remember at one point, I had about 20(!) of the now defunct jelly-like lip balms in scents like Dragonfruit. The reasons as to why I needed 20 were more than obvious to a 10-year-old me, but I distinctly remember my mom telling me that I didn't have enough lips to put all the balms on. Fast forward a decade or so later, and I hadn't been near a Body Shop store since. The main reason is that they weren't prevalently available in the US, but I just eschewed my previously-held notions of what the Body Shop was in favor for brands like Origins and Dior. This fall, I accidentally wandered into a Body Shop in Germany, and have fallen head-over-heels in love with them all over again. They've done such a major overhaul, and I find myself reaching for them as staples over my other beauty products like Aēsop and Aveda. 

One such staple that I can't believe I've been without this entire time is their lip butter. I got this lip butter in Chocomania for FREE after a €20 purchase, and let me just say that I went back and made more successive, utterly unnecessary but definitely justified €20 purchases just to get more of this lip butter. 

Made of organic beeswax and cocoa butter, it has a creamy appearance, and goes on a bit thick on the lips. Once on, it sinks in, leaving a slightly nude tint on your lips. It looks lovely as is, but you can of course wear it under a color for prep, and over a color for a bit of a sheen. 

The smell is actually a nutty vanilla smell, but I can definitely smell why it would be considered "Chocolate". I think I read somewhere that there are really a few major scents that beauty companies use, and depending on the packaging and naming, the consumers think it smells like what it's called. I don't know what it tastes like because I abhor licking my lip balms. 

My lips tend to be dry, and I have made it a ritual to put on this lip butter at night and in the morning, immediately after my face toner and lotion. It has made such a huge difference in the way my lips look and feel.

At any given time, I have a pot next to my bed, in two or three of my purses, and at my desk. It's a total lifesaver for my parched lips in these cold winter months, and you'd better believe that I am thanking the beauty gods above that I've rediscovered the Body Shop. I think I'll try the lip butters in a few other scents but for now, the Chocomania one is perfect.

What Body Shop scent do you think I should absolutely have? There are so many, gotta catch 'em all!

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