Friday, November 1, 2013

OOTD: Happy Halloween 2013 Edition

I am pretty darn terrible at being on time. It's the Korean in me, and we all know that Koreans operate on Korean Standard Time (aka 30 minutes late to everything, if you're lucky). That being said, it's a rare occasion that I plan ahead enough to have a blogpost published BEFORE I attend an event. I'm slapping my makeup on, getting dressed, and taking these photos before heading out to a Halloween event in Munich, so you can enjoy them before October 31 ends (if you're in my time zone, but if not, I'm still late puhaha). 

Every Halloween, I go all out, planning at least three unique outfits for the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday parties that ensue. This year, October 31 happens to be on an awkward Thursday, and since no one wants to celebrate Halloween after the fact on the actual weekend, all the parties were WAY in advance on October 24, 25, and 26, all dates that I happened to be in sunny, hot Egypt, with no thoughts of Halloween on my mind. Long story short, this year, I only have one costume, and a hastily put-together one at that. Oh wellz, because...

I'm a POLAR BEAR. A sexy polar bear, obviously.

 Dress- American Apparel // Thigh high stockings- American Apparel // Mittens- American Apparel (Basically I just bought everything at American Apparel because I had shopping fatigue, ok?) // Bear Hat- Europa Park souvenir // Silver heels- Korea

And because it's going to be a brisk 1ÂșC tonight, I'm throwing on a decidedly furry cardigan to give a more realistic and practical spin on this costume. Because having the flu is no fun.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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  1. Hey! i have your photos from halloween party, how can i send it you? p.s. I send you friend request in facebook, instagram and twitter or you can add me in skype: sergei.dagda


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