Friday, November 15, 2013

Lifestyle: Oktoberfest 2013 Part 2 (the boozy days)

All your preconceptions of how Oktoberfest should be celebrated all contain, I'm sure, busty women effortlessly holding 6-8 giant mugs of beer while rosy-cheeked from the steamy beer tent. That is exactly what I'll be showing you here... minus the busty women. The boozy festivities, however, were carefully documented for your viewing pleasure. 

On one of the nights, we went with C's co-workers to partake of Oktoberfest. In contrast to our previous outings, we went straight to the beer tents, and stayed in the tents all night.

I actually do not like beer, so when prompted, I opted for a Radler, a 1:1 ratio of beer and lemonade/Sprite. It looks like a beer, smells like a beer, but 50% less intoxication.

But we all know that I mostly came for the food. Obviously. 

First course: cold cuts, cheeses, and pretzels with sharp mustard (the kind that makes your nose dance). Radishes and pickles offer a nice palate cleanser.

I learned at this meal that I LOVE RADISHES. 

2nd part of our 3-course meal. You will notice that I am focused on my roasted chicken. The dinner course also came with Haxe (pork deep-fried? the lard takes on a shield-like hard exterior), boiled potatoes, Spätzle (noodles), savory gravy, roast pork, and of course, sausages. You can imagine how difficult it is to stuff your face while having your breathing hampered by your corset top. I made a valiant effort nevertheless. 

If you can imagine this crowd all simultaneously getting up on their benches to stomp their feet to a Bavarian polka, well then, that's Oktoberfest in a nutshell. 

We neglected to match this evening. 

Honestly, the only way you can digest in these dresses is to remain standing.

This pretty much made my night! Remember the Lebkuchenherzen (gingerbread heart cookie)? You can now purchase the felt and plastic version if you can find this girl at the tents. 

All sorts of catchy phrases were available, and after exhaustively asking what each one meant, I ended up choosing:

"Faule Socke". It means "Sexy Beast". 

Just kidding. It means "Lazy Sock".

We also got another "Lebkuchenherzen" in the photographic form, a nice little souvenir for the day after because the end of the night will inevitably get hazy.  

The view from the balcony out to the main fest area. Despite the chill, there are still many people outside the tents eating and chatting. 

For another one of our boozy days/nights, we met up with friends. It was a Bavarian holiday, so predictably, it was crowded with every. single. Bavarian. from a 100 mile radius all descending upon Theresienwiese to enjoy a bit of Oktoberfest themselves. 

We sat outside for a bit before being able to make our way into the tent. 

You too can see how utterly wasted you are by flagging down one of the girls who offer breathalyzer tests for a small sum. It quickly becomes a contest on who can blow the highest, with the breathalyzer girls writing down your BAC (blood alcohol content) on a certificate, and writing down the record holder. How simultaneously enterprising and edifying.

We were right smack in the center of this tent. It quickly descends into chaos. People will slosh their drinks on you while enthusiastically waving and singing the drinking song. It gets very slippery and sticky, so wear shoes you have traction in and can throw away. I wore my UGG moccasins. Sigh. 

...and this is how I felt about that. 

Boozy nights (and days) can quickly descend into alcohol poisoning, so I recommend that girls limit their maß intake to 2-3.  Tents are boisterous and slippery, but quite good fun if you embrace the drunkenness. Don't have an ego- trying to argue logic with a drunk Oktoberfest reveler is an exercise in futility. 

If you missed my Oktoberfest Part 1, it's here, and next up is the Oktoberfest Guide. And then it's back to the regularly scheduled beauty/fashion/travel posts!

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