Friday, October 18, 2013

Video: Fresh-Faced Makeup

Finally! Another Youtube video! I know it took me absolutely FOREVER to make one but you guys, making a makeup video is a lot more work than you think. I have a newfound respect for beauty bloggers who make makeup tutorials on a weekly or even a (gasp!) biweekly basis. Filming the video, and shortening, editing, jazzing it up- all of this takes a long time- or at least, for me it did. It was my first video editing attempt, but now that I'm familiar with the process, here's hoping future videos will be up faster!

For this one, I focused on a beauty routine, skincare and makeup, that is a go-to for me every time I want a natural, fresh-faced look. I was going to call this my minimal makeup video but when I started writing down the products, I realized that my selection of beauty products weren't quite so minimal ha. I use this look for mostly daytime, going super minimal on the face makeup, adding a blush to give my cheeks a naturally rosy flush, using earth-tone shades for my eyes, and lining my bottom eye line with a color eyeliner to give a unique pop of color.

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Hope you enjoy!

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