Thursday, October 3, 2013

Squeezed: September 2013 Edition

Here is the next installation of my Squeezed Series, a few days behind the requisite end of the month deadline that I set for myself, but hey ho better late than never! I made a conscious effort to keep all my empties from when I came to Munich, so everything here was either purchased within the last month, or was such a good beauty item that I lugged it all the way from Korea to use up here. 

  1. Melvita Capiforce Hair Mask: I can't really say much more about this product that I haven't already in my review (see my review here). I just can't justify the price tag for what seems like a watery version of a conditioner. I haven't been able to find a Melvita in Germany yet but when I do, I'd love to try more Melvita products because for the most part, they have reliably excellent products. This Hair Mask, however, does not get repurchased.
  2. NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm: So many beauty bloggers talk about this balm, so no need for me to get into it. I've already repurchased this item, as you can see here- this lip balm is a beauty MUST for me, especially during dry and chapped lips season. I usually just slather it on my lips before going to bed, and wake up with marvelously soft lips. 
  3. Korres Basil Lemon Body Milk: This, like the Caudalíe beauty elixir, is more of a summertime scent, as I've written in my product review (see my review here). However, because Korres is a brand that I adore, I am raring to try the Korres Body Butters, more suitable for cold weather and dry skin. I think I will repurchase this in the spring, and in the meantime, go for Korres Body Butter in Guava or Fig. 
  4. Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash: Germany has so many small "sample-size" products available en masse in these big tubs at stores, perfect for trying out something before committing to the full size product. I've never tried Weleda before, but they're EVERYWHERE in Germany, so I picked up this Pomegranate Body Wash. It's absolutely perfect for cold weather because the creaminess of the body wash imparts a lovely moisturizing sheen to your skin. And can we just wax poetic about the citrus-y yumminess of the smell? I will buy this for sure in the full size when I find it!
  5. Caudalíe Nourishing Body Lotion: This came in a mini size package that I also gave away in a Caudalíe Giveaway (remember this?) and I finally used up this small size. I have to say that in my vast cache of body lotion, milks, butters, creams, etc., this Caudalíe body lotion definitely held its own in terms of scent, creaminess, and moisturizing properties. I love trying out different lotions so there will probably not be a repurchase of this as a full-sized product before I've tried out the 8 other body lotions I have on my list. 
  6. Korres Pomegranate Toner/Tonic Lotion: I can honestly say that every drop of this was an absolute godsend for my skin. I went without it when I was in Europe and my skin fully rebelled against this decision. It was the very first beauty item that I reviewed on this blog (see it here) and after the completion of one bottle, I can 100% without qualms say that this product is a resounding essential for those with oily t-zones. Definite repurchase. 
  7. Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash mini size: I receive travel-sized versions of my favorite products from the girls at the Origins counter at my fave department store in Seoul, and I finally used up this mini size of Holy Grail face wash (my review of the full-sized product here). It lasted me through Thailand, Croatia, and some parts of Germany for all of 2013, so it lasted fairly long! Obviously a staple in my beauty regime so I have multiple versions and sizes of this at any given moment. 
  8. Caudalíe Beauty Elixir (empty bottle not depicted): This beauty elixir, another fave amongst beauty bloggers, was used religiously during the summer- the pepperminty toner was just what I needed on a hot afternoon. Despite my concerns that the toner might get too drying for my face during fall and winter, I went ahead and repurchased it (see this blogpost) because I've gotten used to keeping it as an essential in my mini makeup bag.
  9. LUSH Bath Bubble Bar in Karma (sweet orange) and The Comforter (raspberry) (not depicted because DUH I've used it all): I wandered into LUSH one day and came out with these bath bubble bars. Fellow Seoulites know that living in Seoul pretty much negates any encounters you'll have with personal bathtubs as they don't come built standard in most apartments, so you'd better believe that I will take full advantage of long, deep soaks in my own personal bathtub while I'm in Munich. Some of LUSH's bath stuff don't bubble, but what is a bubble bath without bubbles?! so I was directed to these. You just crumble the bar up under running water and let the amazing raspberry and orange smells waft up your nose. I will repurchase The Comforter, but perhaps experiment with some other scents as well.  

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