Monday, October 21, 2013

Restaurant Review: Condesa Mexican Restaurant (Munich, Germany)

*Hi from Egypt! This is a scheduled post, just to keep things rolling while I'm busy playing tourist. Kisses!*

Condesa embodies the phrase "hole in the wall". Located right behind Münchner Freiheit, you might trip and stumble over this little Mexican joint if you aren't careful. C and I wandered in accidentally after a jaunt in the city, and decided to try it out. 

Perhaps the giant piñata star in the front hall drew me in. I wonder if it's empty or filled with delicious Mexican treats?

The ordering process reminded me of Mexican fast food places back in Atlanta like Willy's or Chipotle. You go to the counter, choose your vehicle of "Tacos", "Burritos", "Quesadillas", or "Salads", and then choose your filling: "Tinga" (spicy chicken), "Amigo" (potatoes and ground beef), ""Pastor" (Chile Guapilo-marinaded pork chunks), "Carnitas" (spicy chili pepper-marinaded pulled pork), and "Flaco" (vegetarian option of potato, carrot, zucchini chunks seasoned with Mexican spices). 

The décor is colorful eclectic, with a bright pink accent wall, knick knacks of cacti figurines nailed high to the walls, and numerous gilded framed photos of Mexican figures and landscapes. 

My favorite: a spicy sauce station. There were maybe about 7-8 bottles of different variants of spicy sauce. I wanted to try all of them but restrained myself to three. 

Pulling up the sleeves for some serious grubbing. That's my freshly squeezed lemonade in the forefront. It wasn't freshly squeezed but that's okay. Sweet, slightly sour. 

The spread. Heaven. 

Okay, so the guacamole and chips was sub-par. Even looking at it after the fact makes me cringe a little. I'm a guacamole snob- I firmly believe the avocadoes should be super chunky, with loads of diced tomatoes, red onions, cilantro, Serrano chiles, the juice of about five limes, and kosher salt. The chips should be hot, salty, and thin. Condesa's offering was more of the puréed guacamole variant with two or three tomato chunks and the store-bought Doritos, but the main courses more than made up for what the starter lacked.  

I had the Pastor Taco and the Carnitas Taco. I squeezed in that lime and went to town. The meat was juicy, spicy, and the fresh vegetables added an acidic balance. I asked for level 4 spiciness (the highest they offer), but it was tame. I will ask for level 6 next time, special order. 

This old thing was C's pick: an incredibly tame Amigo Quesadilla. Literally just meat and cheese smushed together, with a tired green sauce on the side.

Okay, so the only good things I ate were my tacos. BUT! The reason I say that this place is delectable is because I have a firm suspicion that C just ordered a bad dish. My tacos were fiery and fresh, and the sauce on the meats were just divine, as authentic Mexican as I've ever tasted. I think that if you just order the right kind of stuff, you'll get some really delicious flavors out of Condesa. I would love to ask them why the guacamole is so pitiful, but they only speak mostly Spanish, some German, and bare minimum English. Maybe I'll try pantomiming it to them next time I go.

If you're in the area, check them out:

Lierstrasse 17
Munich, Germany 80639
+49 (176) 2022 - 7136
+49 (176) 8010 - 8335

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