Friday, October 25, 2013

Product Review: The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub

*Hi from Egypt! This is a scheduled post, just to keep things rolling while I'm busy playing tourist. Kisses!*

I adore honey. I like it on my face, in my tea, in my sweets, and now, on my body. Honey is having a moment in 2013, having benefitted from the bizarre honey scandals in 2011 (I wrote about that in this recipe blogpost here) and the widespread awareness of the pervasive death of bees. Marc Jacobs introduced a new Honey fragrance this year, Nuxe's RĂªve de Miel is enjoying cult-like status, and the Body Shop in turn released their Honeymania range.

I've been on a giant The Body Shop kick lately, having fallen in love with them all over again after accidentally wandering into their shop in Munich. I picked up this Honeymania Cream Body Scrub, as well as their Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt, but more on that latter product in a different post. 

The Honeymania range all use wildflower Community Fair Trade honey from the Ethiopian rainforest, and there is some very hilarious information that the Body Shop has released about these special "African honey bees that are allowed to roam the rainforest and dance with each other to communicate where the tastiest flowers are", and how the "highly skilled Beza Mar beekeepers practice barefoot beekeeping or bee whispering", and "it takes almost 100 bees harvesting from over 50,000 flowers to make one of every product in the Honeymania line". I don't know who was tasked to count all the bees and all the flowers harvested, but that sounds like a hella lot of bees and flowers. Just know that the Body Shop is doing their best to support the people (and the families) taking care of the bees. 

Dammit now I feel a little guilty just spreading this Body Scrub lavishly over my body. Anyhow. On to the product.

The Body Shop Honeymania Cream Body Scrub has a creamy texture, as befits its name. It is different from other harsher scrubs, say, the Fresh Brown Sugar Body Scrub that I've reviewed here. That one feels like sandpaper scrubbing a few layers off the surface of your body. The Honeymania Cream Body Scrub is more focused on gently sloughing while moisturizing, so you get a tender, almost compassionate, stimulation of your body's microcirculation. 

The smell is DIVINE. It doesn't smell like straight honey, which is great because then I'll just go slather some real honey all over my body. The Body Shop did a great job differentiating this product from other honey products by infusing the rich, soothing floral scent (derived from the harvested wildflowers, perhaps?) with a creamy, NOT sticky formula. There is obviously an undercurrent of honey but it's not going to slap you in the face. Think of the scent as honeyed wildflowers. 

I'll be eschewing some of my harsher body scrubs for this creamy body scrub, which is 100% perfect for cold weather. I can't be stripping away vital layers of skin with the more invigorating scrubs because I need those layers of skin to keep warm, dangit. The extra moisture that this Cream Body Scrub imparts helps with the hydration my skin lacks during the fall/winter months. Maybe I'll even gasp! skip the body lotioning part of the nightly regimen to jump straight under the covers. Regardless, I'm a fan of this cream body scrub.

What body scrubs do you prefer? The harsher ones definitely feel like they're doing the job, but what about the creamy, gentler ones? 

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  1. You make me want to buy this so badly!! I've just bought the Peach Body Scrub from the Body Shop, but you make this sound so tempting! This is going on my wish list...


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