Wednesday, October 23, 2013

OOTD: Airplanes and Ribbons and Things

Those of you who follow me on Twitter (here) know how much complaining I've been doing about the constant drizzling in Munich. I needed sun and sand, stat!

Generally, I like my vacations to be tropical, sandy, and so hot I can taste the heat. Thus far in 2013, we'd been to Thailand and Croatia, so I wanted a different continent this time: Africa. We headed to a fabulous all-inclusive resort in Egypt. While I wanted to fly into Cairo for a few days to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx, the political unrest makes all that a bit difficult, so we opted for just pure relaxation, just a lot of sunning and scuba diving.

For the plane ride, I had the dilemma of having to wear something that would withstand the 8ºC weather in Hamburg, but would easily transition to the 32ºC weather in Egypt, not to mention the heavy AC that was bound to blast at me indoors. I chose a silky jumpsuit (playsuit) that I'd bought in Korea. If you overlook the logistics of having to remove the entire jumpsuit for bathroom visits, the texture and fit is similar to the pajama trend that's happening right now. I wanted to be super comfy and yet arrive fashionably clothed at the resort.

The pale pink ribbon print keeps the dark jumpsuit playful, and I broke up the monotony of the same pattern with a thin white belt + a gold buckle. It gives the illusion of a thin waist bahaha. My go-to wedges are pretty much the most comfortable footwear ever, and I just packed a pair of socks to slide into during the plane ride in case of cold toes. I quickly threw my hair into a side braid because I want it out of my face, but not in a ponytail because then I can't lean back in the seat comfortably.

You'll notice the gold zipper detail in the front of the jumpsuit is shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. I chose a gold ribbon knuckle ring because if I'm going to be wearing ribbons, I might as well go full out, and a gold bracelet and ring on the other wrist and finger, keeping it fairly minimal.

And yes I took these photos in the parking lot of the Hurghada Airport as soon as we landed so I could have this post up, hence the taxis and tour bus as my backdrop.

I'll try to do one more live post from Egypt but the majority of the photos will be compiled together for some glorious Egypt-centric blogposts. Until then, big sloppy kisses from me in Egypt!

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