Thursday, October 10, 2013

Lifestyle: Theresa Restaurant and English Garden

I mentioned in the previous post about spending the day shopping and having chicken & beer at Englischer Garten. I neglected to mention the delicious brunch we had at my fave restaurant Theresa (my review of the restaurant seen here). Here are some more photos from that day!

Chai tea latte that's looking a little messy- my previous one had a heart of foam but I guess it was too much work for the waitress with the bad attitude. 

Considering the place was near empty, I would think she would have the time to draw me a freaking foam heart. 

My day was further compounded by the sty in my left eye, which I braved out because I didn't want to waste the day. If you were wondering why I'm looking a little winky in my photos, it's not because I was feeling particularly playful that day, but the results of the jabbing pain in my tender eye.

For brunch, I abstained from my staples that I usually order at Theresa, and went for the Eggs Benedict instead. Boy-oh-boy was I glad I did. It's a small portion, with two eggs crowded on top of the spinach and bacon, with the Hollandaise sauce carefully resting on top. This Eggs Benedict was singularly unique because instead of the traditional toasted English muffins, the entire concoction lay on an incredibly yeasty, thick, chewy, soft piece of bread. I hesitate to call it beer bread because I'm not quite certain what kind of bread it was, but it was so yeasty that it left a not unpleasant thickness on the tongue. Interesting twist on the traditional Eggs Benedict, and one that I think I will try again, albeit with glasses full of fizzy drinks to help all that richness go down.

For him, the burger that I had last time. Still as juicy and flavorful as ever, with the cheddar cheese melted lovingly on the perfectly grilled patty, loads of bacon, lettuce, and pickles on a toasted sesame seed bun. I tried to steal some bites of it, and with my yeasty Eggs Benedict, I got dangerously full.

While wandering throughout the city, we continued to see these floats drive by. Sponsored by the major beer companies that also splurge on the giant tents for Oktoberfest, the floats served as walking advertisements. We saw this float while in the Munich city center, and then later at the Englischer Garten.

This building façade appealed to the 11-year-old girl in me. Look at the pink details!

You read about protagonists in novels jumping onto horses and riding off into the sunset. Nuh uh. Not on these horses. These horses are a) overwhelmingly massive, and b) armed with very large chompers. I've ridden horses before, but I think these were specially chosen for their ability to pull a float filled with beer barrels. 

I felt a bit bad for the horse's muzzle, so I pet it a bit before quickly scampering away in case it mistakenly thought my fingers were carrots. 

Englischer Garten is not actually a garden, but a pretty large park, one of the largest city parks in Europe. It's in fact larger than Central Park in NYC. Created in the 18th century, Englischer Garten has four beer gardens, as well as the river Eisbach running through it. The locals apparently surf on the waterway's currents (I'll try to get some pictures of this). There is also a Chinese Tower with a huge beer garden, which has the seating capacity of 7000 people. This is where we went to for some beer and roasted chicken. 

Within the park borders, there is also a Japanese teahouse, where visitors can participate in traditional tea ceremonies on the weekends, a Greek style temple, a lake where you can rent a paddle boat, and an area called Schönfeldwiese, where nude sunbathing has been allowed since the 1960's. All of these activities are obviously ideal during spring and summer, but since Englischer Garten is so close to my house (a 15 minute walk), I plan on going back and exploring a bit. If you're ever in Munich, especially in sunny weather season, you should make Englischer Garten a stop on your journey.

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