Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lifestyle: Hannover 96 vs. FC Bayern Munich Soccer Game

C bought tickets for the Hannover 96 v. FC Bayern München football (soccer!) game last Wednesday. He's a die-hard generational Hannover fan, and the game was in Munich, so of course we threw on as subtle Hannover colors as possible (in case of drunken Bayern hooligan fan shenanigans) and headed to the Allianz Arena. 

Since the game was right in the thick of Oktoberfest season, a lot of fans drunkenly swayed their way from Theresienwiese after the consumption of several maß to cheer for their UEFA League 2013 Champions. 

The translucent outer layer of the Allianz Arena is lit brilliantly red for FC Bayern München's home games.

The fans crowding en masse- the overall capacity of the Arena is 71,000 people, more seats having been added in August 2012, so that tells you the enthusiasm of the München fans. Apparently, FC Bayern München fans has the largest number of organized supporters in Germany, with all the home matches in the Allianz Arena being almost always sold out.  

I love the varied types of concessions in sports stadiums all around the world. In Korea, you have dried squid (오징어) and fishcakes (오뎅), in the US you have hot dogs and corn dogs, and in Germany, you get currywurst, french fries, and schnitzel. 

A traditionally dressed Bavarian band. I don't know if they wear their lederhosen and dirndls for every game or just these three weeks for Oktoberfest, but I got a kick of the girls standing in front of the band holding fake baskets of nothing.

 I sprung for the schnitzel (fried cutlet), which came with this very sad lettuce. I peeled off the lettuce and just ate the schnitzel with BBQ sauce. 

C went for his all-time favorite and my all-time nemesis, currywurst. 

The teams shaking hands. 

My sweatshirt is from Bershka. Hannover's away game colors are apparently red or maroon or something, so threw this on... and it turned out that Hannover decided to wear green instead, so I looked like a FC Bayern München fan. 

Look who came to see the ball being bounced around?! Penelope 

Aaaaand after an exciting 90+ minutes, FC Bayern München won 4-1. Hmph. 

The crowd was pretty ridonkulous at this arena. FC Bayern fans are no joke. It probably helped that they were all filled with beers from that day's Oktoberfest. 

I love sporting events, if only to experience the passion and excitement of the crowd. Oh, and I can't forget the yummy arena food that taste better when consumed while watching a sporting event, for some odd reason.

What are your favorite sports to watch? Do you prefer live events, or watching in the quiet comfort of your house? 

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