Monday, September 16, 2013

Travels: Another Quickie From Leipzig

Time for a quick update via my iPhone Blogger app! Just a few pictures to satiate you til I get back to Munich and get my hands on my camera cable connector grrr. Enjoy!

My breakfast this morning at the Stein Café across the street from the Steigenberger: all you can stuff in your face for a fabulous price of €8,50. Beware the hordes of bees that will inevitably swarm around your food- they are fearless creatures and I saw a few of them take nose dives into a pitcher of orange juice trying to get a taste of that sweet nectar. Much to their dismay, they soon realized swimming was not their forté. Highly entertaining but if you're afraid of bees, stay away!

Went back to Alex Restaurant despite my misgivings about their service the day prior- and was proven right all over again. None of the waiters approached me during the fifteen minutes I sat and waited to merely order a chai expresso that I'd adored yesterday. After approaching a waiter inside to give my order, they brought out the wrong order. Finally, third time being the charm, they finally got my order right- all in all, a forty minute ordeal for a freaking chai expresso. Ridiculous. Avoid this place at all costs.

Decided to release my frustrations at the hotel spa- 4 different types of saunas and calm smushy beds that you just sink into and sip on your basil-infused water at.

Rocking my five-sizes too large Steigenberger bathrobe. And listening to Miley Cyrus' "23". Not at all relaxation music but I felt like I needed a little twerk muzak in my life, alrite?

Headed back down to Munich later tonight, so wave goodbye to the weekend! Look forward to the proper Leipzig posts that I'll have up this upcoming week! Kisses to all my lovely readers!

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