Thursday, September 19, 2013

Restaurant Review: Café Madrid (Leipzig, Germany)

Eerie photo of Leipzig city center courtyard en route to the restaurant.

I purchased this Michael Kors iPhone case + wallet at an Apple Store in Munich and it is absolutely perfect for carrying only the essentials: phone, cash, lip balm.

If you walk into the side street toward Thomaskirche, you'll see a narrow alleyway with all the restaurants and their outdoor seating, perfect for people-watching while you nom. The restaurants closest to the courtyard are all German food/themed, so you have to walk a little bit in to get to Café Madrid, which is Spanish/tapas food.

Street busker in front of the restaurant who sang off-key but got an A for effort and a €2 from me, at least. 

Café Madrid. They have an extensive menu and a plethora of cold and hot tapas, but I was in the mood for small, light bites. Looking back at the menu, I would have tried the baked feta cheese with olives, garlic, and pepperoni (€7,90), honey-cinnamon goat cheese medallions wrapped in grilled bacon (€4,90), freshly grilled little Spanish chorizo sausages (€4,50), and spicy fried potatoes with garlic mayonnaise (€3,90). They do have tapas options where they bring you 10 random variations of tapas with salsas, mixed bread, and garlic mayonnaise (€39,50), which sounds perfect for a big chatty group who wants to unwind and share a little bit of everything.

We sat outside but a very similar bull structure was propped up prominently as a fountain in the front entrance inside the restaurant.

This is the Oktoberfest 2013 "Official Beer" being sold in supermarkets and restaurants. 

Deep-fried sardines (€4,40), one of my absolute fave appetizers. 

I prefer mine plainly crisped, salted, with a drizzle of lemon squeezed over. This came with a green sauce that was okay, but I much prefer the fresh and plain version.

Spanish seafood paella with shrimp, mussels, and squid (€12,90). Delicious! I'm not used to the al dente or even undercooked rice because Asian countries, South Korea in particular, like to make all the paella rice smushy and overcooked, but slightly undercooked is the proper way to cook paella. 

Comes chock-full of yummy surprises hidden like gems inside the rice.


They sprinkled the churros (€4,50) with powdered sugar and gave the requisite chocolate dipping sauce, but I like my chocolate to be spicy! I did love the bits of pomegranates that gave a nice bright burst of surprise for every chewy, gooey bite I took. 

From the reviews I'd read, Café Madrid is a delightful surprise for people who kind of want to take a break from German food. I say surprise because everyone finds it accidentally while wandering that side alley of German restaurants haha. Café Madrid has such a wide, varied selection of options but the prices are absolutely reasonable. I love that you can tailor your meal for a heavy and rich steak dinner, or  light, easy yet substantial meal. Definitely check it out if you're ever in Leipzig!

Restaurant Café Madrid (website in German here)
Klostergasse 3-5
Leipzig, Germany 04109
Kitchen is open 24 hours OMG! (This never usually happens in Germany)
Open every day of the week.
+49 (341) 993 - 8813

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