Thursday, September 26, 2013

Product Review: Origins Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish

The Origins Zero Oil Instant Matte Finish is a curious purchase. I bought it in the summer after having been sold by the salesgirl that it mattes your T-zone and minimizes pores. Who doesn't want smaller pores?! Since almost every Origins product that I've purchased have been solid or holy grail items for me, I thought that this product had a fair shot of becoming part of my regular routine rotation.

I love the packaging of this product- it comes in a uniquely solid, square plastic bottle with a twist-off top. You have to give it a good shake to mix up the opaque powder at the bottom with the liquid form on top.

Origins claims that you're supposed to dab the liquid under your makeup or over your makeup in your T-zone. The "oil-foiling silicates, astringent winterbloom, and calming Chinese camphor will blot out your greasy excess shine without over-drying your skin... creating a smooth, invisible finish that stays matte all day."

I didn't like this product. The liquid felt like water, it didn't feel sanitary to use my fingertips to dab it on my T-zone, it was such a hassle to carry around cotton pads and use this product on the go, it didn't give me a matte finish, and the white powder was visible on my face. 

Good ole blotting papers work much better than this Matifiant because of their travel-friendly, disposable characteristics. Also, there's just a satisfying aspect of using blotting papers to remove the oil from your T-zone, and not just merely spreading it around with your fingertips. This product would be more economical because it does last a long time, but if it doesn't do what it's supposed to do, then money poorly spent, right? I would NOT buy this product again. Origins should seriously revamp the formula or rethink of a way to make this more travel-friendly because the times I need a matte finish are usually outside after a day has passed, not indoors where I have the luxury of pulling out cotton pads and washing my fingers of the powdery substance after application. 

Have you tried matte products before? Any good ones out there?

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