Saturday, September 7, 2013

Product Review: La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF 30

I admit that this blogpost has been sitting on the back burner since summer started. I had already fallen in love with a once-a-day SPF sun oil, you see, and all other tanning products had paled in comparison. This La Roche-Posay SPF 30 cream had no chance, especially when competing against other SPF products that would simultaneously give me amazing tans while protecting my skin. Tsk. 

Feeling sorry for the poor chap, I did take it out with me on a few outings, most notably to Caribbean Bay, a water park in Korea, and to Croatia for Yacht Week.

I have to be completely honest here and say that this product is not good at all. I don't know if its my Asian skin tone, but when I applied a thin layer to my skin and rubbed in vigorously, I was left with a ghastly grey-ish tone on whatever part of the body to which I've applied. This grey-ish tint does not dissipate with more rubbing, thus forcing me to frantically apply more of the stuff to make my entire body and face at least the same consistent grey-ish color. This results in a very ghostly- yet annoyed-looking Sarah. 

It's supposed to be water-resistant, moisturizing, Paraben-free, and non-perfumed. I can also report that it's greasy, hard to absorb, and sticky, not to mention the product leaves the aforementioned grey-ish tint on your skin. 

The idea of putting a straight oil like Riemann P20 on my face freaks me out and gives me visions of a breakout. I'm more psychologically comfortable with applying a cream SPF on my face, so I purchased the La Roche-Posay for this purpose only. The only problem with this reasoning is that the Anthelios product is more greasy than the P20 oil, and thus negates my reason of purchase. 

After initial application, this situation above occurs until a very hard rubdown. I can't imagine doing this for the entire body every. single. time. It would take you at least 30 minutes- that is, if you don't give up in the middle and just resign yourself to looking like a ghost.

You can see here the grey color left behind after a most vigorous rubbing. This, in my eyes, is the most egregious problem with this product because, having been an enthusiastic member of the Sunscreen Ghostface Patrol for many years, it would be highly unethical to sport this look myself. 

This is the second time I've been so incredibly disappointed with a La Roche-Posay product that I felt compelled to write a lengthy blogpost about it, the first being the oft-hyped but almost dangerous La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (the sucker burned my face off!). I'm a little irritated that these two products continue to get such rave reviews online because either those bloggers are being bought off or my skin just does not agree with La Roche-Posay. I'm not totally turned off by them yet, and still retain a sliver of hope that there is a La Roche-Posay product for me.

What La Roche-Posay products have you tried? Are there any good ones you'd honestly recommend to me?

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