Thursday, September 5, 2013

Lifestyle: Masterball 2013

After a mad car dash back to the Marriott Frankfurt, I quickly took off my daytime eye makeup, reapplied smoky eyes accordingly for the evening, and did a change-a-roo into my evening gown, accessories, and heels. I was planning on wearing some gorgeous emerald green earrings that I had customized for me back in Seoul, but I was enamored with how the Mikimoto pearl and diamond drop earrings looked with my sideswept hairdo, so kept those on.

A candid moment of what usually happens with a 160cm girl and a 192cm boy.

The handsome graduate.

Normann and C.

This carpet though.

C and Tobias.

The proud parental units.

C, myself, my new favorite person of basically all time Carolin, and Tobias, who may or may not look just a wee bit high in this photo but whom I can vehemently attest was most assuredly not.

It was tricky trying to get a photo with Tobias' eyes open...

Got it!

Michael, C, and Tobias

Carolin is quite frankly one of the sweetest, most genuinely happy people I've ever met. I adore her.

We also had some food...

...and purchased at outrageously ridiculous prices all the professional photos. Here is a sneaky preview of the hard copies:

After desserts, the DJ started playing Skrillex and such, so most of the parents retired upstairs. I did my third outfit change of the day and poured myself into a bandage dress to boogie away. I put my Lumix away upstairs at this point, but here are some fuzzy iPhone photos to satiate your curiosity:

Look who I ran into! Annette from Yacht Week looking absolutely classic. The gown I had initially chosen to wear looked almost identical to hers but I ended up changing mine- we could have been twins!


I had a few more g&ts, and by a few more I mean enough for me to start going to up the DJ to start requesting my ghetto-fabulous songs (standard inebriated Sarah moves). Met some folks who'd studied in Korea with C, met many more new and friendly faces, planned Thai karaoke(?!) nights and hip hop dance class taking for the next few months in Munich, and shook our booties to the sounds of Snoop Lion and Justin Timberlake (DJ didn't take my advice on A$AP Rocky or French Montana, hmph) til the wee hours. What a fabulous day! I had a glorious time!

What about you? Tell me about some of the black-tie events you've been to!

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