Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lifestyle: The Boy's Graduation

This past weekend was a momentous occasion for the boy... I guess now we must call him the man ^_~. He graduated with his masters, and of course we had to celebrate. In my previous blogpost (which I wrote, it seems, ages ago!), I had given you a breakdown of my outfit and accessories for each part of the events organized. Here they are on my body!

Some drama with the hair: I researched a hair salon in Frankfurt that a) uses Aveda, and b) had hairdressers who spoke English. I'd booked a 9AM appt weeks in advance, and when I arrived on the day on the dot, I had a British girl named Bella kindly welcoming me. So far, so good. Things started to get a little weird when she wanted to put my hair in curlers (weird thing #1) without the initial shampoo and dry (weird thing #2). My thick straight Asian hair doesn't hold curls well unless you use a curling iron, but she assured me that she's worked with Asian clients before, so I deferred to her judgment (although I firmly insisted on a shampoo and dry). This hilarious photo ensued:
As cute as this look was, when the curlers were taken out, what I had predicted occurred: all the curls fell out. Since it was imperative that my curls stay in place for the next 20 hours, I insisted on a curling iron, which she claimed the salon did not have. Two other associates were consulted, all of them ending up making my hair look frizzier and puffier than ever, until finally, 3 hours later and more than a few tears cried, the owner took matters into her own hands, pulled a curling iron out of nowhere, and pulled off the Hollywood curls I so desired. The hairdresser Bella lied about multiple things, making a one hour process a 4 hour ordeal. Long story short: Don't just settle for a shitty looking hairdo. If your hair looks like crap, don't assume the hairdresser is a professional, because more often than not, they don't know what they're doing. Oh, and whatever you do, don't go to Hairlines Salon in Frankfurt. The curls all fell out in the next hour, anyway. 

Anyhow! Back to the ceremony!

The interior of the Wiesbaden Kurshaus where the ceremony was being held. Absolutely stunning but a lighting nightmare for taking photos.

All the professors lining up to shake the graduates' hands.

I was trying to translate the phrase inscribed around the hall but my Latin is WAY rusty. I still think it's the most useful language to learn as a foreign language, though.

Class of 2013 hurrah

The... man and his parents. (It doesn't quite have the ring as "the boy". Maybe "my man"? But that sounds so primitive: MY MAN rawr!... hmmm will work on this.)

Floral dress- Zara | Blue suede shoes- Zara | Jacket- Bershka | Blue belt- Korea | Earrings- Mikimoto | Bracelets- Customized | Rings- Eunhee Lee and Assorted

The Other One and Tobias.

Torsten, the Man, and Tobias.

Michael, the Significant Other, and Normann.

My amour and I attempted a quick photo outdoors before it started drizzling.

And then it was hurryhurryhurry to get dolled up for the dinner and Ball! That's in the next blogpost, which I pinky promise will not take a million years to show up, but will in fact be up in 24 hours or less!

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  1. congrats to your boyfriend, looks like a lovely day!

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