Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life Lately: Good Eats Munich

I am getting ready some really good posts about Oktoberfest, but going there, taking photos, editing, writing, not to mention enjoying myself at the actual event- all of this takes time! So while I'm working on those, I thought I'd drudge up some photos you guys haven't seen yet and give you a little Life Lately post.

Crusty bread slathered with mango jam, topped with fresh, tart raspberries and blueberries. 

I can't get enough of these berries and the fact that they are SO CHEAP in Germany. They cost an arm and a leg in Korea. 

What my makeup station usually looks like- just kidding, it's usually not this neat. 

I know I posted a photo of this a few weeks ago on my Twitter (you can find me here) but every time I look at this, I want to eat it again. Eggs baked in avocado halves, topped with Romano cheese, chives, sea salt, and paprika. 

Sitting next to a rather quiet fellow at Ingolstadt Village. 

Absolutely obsessed with the smells of my diptyque Oranger candle- smells like a spiced orange tree exploded every time I light it. Totally puts me in a harvesty/autumn mood.

Sunsets and such.

A yummy oven-baked fish.

Sunflowers to brighten up my day!

Another excursion to my fave joint in town, Theresa Restaurant (my review of the restaurant here), where we feasted on beans with bacon, crispy fries, and MEAT.

Dirndl shopping- this sucker costs €780, which is probably only for the Oktoberfest enthusiasts out there.

I was drawn to the olive greens, but ultimately decided that my coloring is more well-suited with reds. You will see those photos in the Oktoberfest blogposts soon so laugh now at the image of me in a dirndl.


Mexican brunch- scored a meh on the taste scale.

Do you like these as blogposts or video better? I promise I'm working on some more Youtube videos- the perfectionist in me wants to make them stellar! They're coming, don't fret.

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