Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Recipes: Feta Dip a la The Londoner

I've been dying to find something to jazz up my veggie platter when I get the desire to graze in the afternoon hours, and I recently remembered a recipe The Londoner wrote a while back for a super easy feta dip. I picked up some fresh thyme and lemons at the market on Sunday so decided to whip up this dip. Honestly, the hardest part was cutting the cucumbers and carrots into crudités. The dip itself is throwing a few items together and pressing the "blend" button. If a cooking noob like me can do it, you can too.

What You'll Need (serves 6):
  • 2 large blocks of feta (or about 380g)
  • a handful of fresh thyme
  • 2 whole lemons
  • 4 cloves of garlic (you can adjust according to your NSFW level)
  • 3/4 cup of EVOO 
  • 2 fresh cucumbers (optional for the crudités)
  • 2 fresh carrots (optional for the crudités)
What You'll Do:
  1. Peel and mash the garlic cloves. I used a Magic Bullet so I did this step first as the garlic needed to be blended, but you can buy pre-crushed garlic... which I totally should have done.
  2. Zest the lemon peels into the blender, and squeeze the juice out (mind the seeds!)
  3. Cut the feta into chunks and throw into blender. 
  4. Pluck the thyme leaves off and throw into blender.
  5. Blend.
  6. Scrape dip into bowl and drizzle a bit more olive oil and thyme on top.
  7. Cut the cucumbers and carrots for dipping.


I can also confirm that this lemony, tart, creamy dip is absolutely delicious when you refrigerate the leftovers and smear the cold dip on a hot slab of toasted bread. I have yet to try this concoction tossed in pasta with vegetables, but will get back to you on that sometime this week after I've experimented with that as well.

Considering my cooking skills have been pretty much limited to being Microwave Queen, I'm sticking with fairly simple recipes to ease myself into the heavy duty stuff. I'll try to experiment with some quintessentially Korean dishes that actually require me to turn on the stove, but easy does it! I've only recently gotten over my fear of cutting vegetables and fruits ^_~


  1. This looks so delicious and healthy! I will have to try it! Thanks for sharing


  2. This looks so easy and delicious! Will definitely give it a try!

    xo Emily | Honey Loaf


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